Friday, November 5, 2010

Hello there

I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying my toys.  My two legs have noticed that British squeakers seem louder than American ones, which I think is great.  Am not sure they do.  They think I have too many toys already.  Did I tell you that my favourite colour is red.  I look quite pretty and stylish.  What is yours?

I had my first school class last week.  I think i was really quite good, but have been playing up a bit at home.  My friend Murphy was there.  He is a lab / beagle mix and quite a howler.  The two legs keep telling me that he the size they wanted, he lives with their friend Rachel.  But I am already bigger than he is, so too bad for them.

We also went to the dog park, which was great.  I ran around a lot but this other dog would not let me be the leader of the pack so after a while I was tired and went home.  I am still in charge at home though. I hope we go back soon.

Love, Mugsy

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