Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Mugsy

Still no messages - and now another emergency - look what my friend Dottie sent - her two legs made her sleep in the car - I don't like the new floor - in fact I won't sit on it - but I have not had to sleep in the car - what do you think to this message -

Dear Poppy

I have just heard from your Grandma of the unspeakable situation regarding the transformation of your lovely cosy floors into a skating rink

I know precisely what you mean.

In this house, we have wooden floors in the living area and stone floors in the kitchen.  In contrast the bedrooms have cosy dog friendly lovely thick warm carpets.   These carpets are comfortable for us to walk on and absorb all the mud and dust and dog hairs that I bring into the house. 

I can only commiserate with you on the state of affairs at your home.   You need to make it clear that new rugs are the order of the day, and that they should be strategically placed to enable you to cross the dangerously and newly floored wooden areas.  At the very least you should mention to your mama that doggy socks with non slip soles are available on ebay.

For goodness sake – these humans are dreadfully inconsiderate.    Do you know that I was actually BANNED from the house where my humans were staying last night.

I had high hopes for the weekend as G put my cage into the Trooper and all his heavenly scented shooting clothes out, and THE GUN.   But on arrival at our destination it was made clear to me that only humans were allowed in the house (and even they had to don slippers).   I was put in the tiny yard with my bed in a shed.  A shed.  Have you ever heard such a horrid story.  But additionally I had to sleep in the car both nights.  The worst bit, probably, was when I was banished to the little yard and could see both B and G through the window – and they ignored me.  Well, when B finally came out to me in the yard, I was actually shaking and sobbing with emotion.  I am actually not certain that a day’s shooting was enough to banish the horror of these atrocities.

I do think we have a responsibility to all the dogs in the world to ensure that our humans behave in a more sensible and thoughtful way than that which we have experienced lately.

Its too much.

I am copying this to my best friend Ruby, who understand these things.  Do you think we should set up a facebook page???

All love

Dottie   "

FACEBOOK PAGES, messages to all four legs we know, something is happening, I am very worried, it seems two legs are forgetting the important ones, i hope your failure to write is not because you are suffering any maltreatment!!!!!

a worried cousin

Dear Mugsy

I am worried. You don't write you don,t respond to my posts. Now that you are queen of a house and a garden are you to important for us simple princesses

I am in big trouble hear and I need help.  I have lost my magic. Had a great week. Mummy and I were both at Granny and Grandpaws. Other than the odd extra bath life was good. We went to the old flat but I was not worried I was living with my three favourite two legs.  I was even really mean to Grandpaw yesterday -granny had the window seat on the bus so I declined his attention for hers -mummy said I was very mean

Anyway next thing I knew we were back home but it was different. The nice soft snuggly carpet was gone and this cold White brown wood thing is in it's place. How could Mummy do this to me. I won't lie on wood floors in the pub so surely my home should be safe. mummy Granny and Grandpaw say it is stunning. I say it is very hard on my tushi.  I have tried everything screaming crying. Mummy just laughs and says get used to it WHAT DO I DO NOW!!!!!   I tried to call  Grandpaw to come and rescue me but he was to busy

Please advise. I am very depressed.

Ps. I slip everywhere. Carpet is soft and gentle. Wood hard and harsh. I might have bruises


Friday, August 17, 2012

poor me and lucky you

HELP I told you something bad was going to happen to me I had surgery and do I feel bad - I had a tooth out and my tear ducts cleared and my ears checked and other horribly things done to me - and although there is no cone of shame, I can't walk in a straight line and although  mummy is serving my favourite food, I can't eat it it hurts - woe woe woe - it is this time that I need Granny as well as Mummy but I can't even go there - she is in bed which is where i want to be but I can't visit it is not good.

I wimpered all night - Mummy held me tight and I intend on staying in her arms all day - BUT I HAD TO GET UP - you are moving to the new house - IT IS SO EXCITING you have to tell me more - ALL THAT SPACE- what are you going to do with it - HOW HAVE YOU INSTRUCTED THE SERVANTS to lay it out - what new playthings are you ordering.

Enough  - I have to lie down - but tell me more

Love and kisses


Thursday, August 16, 2012


I have just seen where you may be moving to - it looks great - You must be so excited a proper garden, and lots of play space I am so jealous - you already had your own room - but here you would have a choice of rooms and play space - wow.

Have you heard about Granny she has something terrible - it is called Shingles - I am not sure what it is - but we can't see her for ages - 7 days after the spots have stopped arriving - and I don't know when that will be - but it seems it could be a while - we can only send her kisses down the phone - so we have to call her lots -

I know something terrible is about to happen, it is a working day and not a day off - but we are still home - so it must mean something bad - but I am not sure what - please wish me luck - i suspect the vets - but i can't think why - I have not itched, scooted or done anything that would normally require a visit -

a worried


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Computer Time

Dear Mugsy

Punctured and ignored - I hope that male two legs, of yours,  is feeling very bad - there is no need for you to sulk - you have every right to be sad - what a failure your Puppaw was - he should feel guilty !!!!!! and be reminded on a regular basis - oh dear, you will have to restart your training regime and quickly - servants must be trained properly - and regularly.

My apologies for the lack of communications - partly it was the disapearance of my Mummy - she goes and visits you and then she is back and then she disapears again - I want to tell her off -but she brought back such great presents - and a new leash - it is all glittery and a gift from you - a collar with the US flags on it - which I like and a Lobster which smells of you and I adore - and I would have written but there is a lack of computer time someone with two legs hogs it!!!!!! I have told her off but she laughs and says it is hers -

I am glad you are stitch free and have got rid of the cone of shame - they are awful - no amount of cluck cluck makes up for them - what ever the two legs think - and anyway if you have a cut it has to be licked - it is the only way to make the itchyness go away -

The 'puter hog says she needs it back again so I have to go, but I will write again soon -lots of news have a birthday coming have ordered some more jewellry - may have to get you some - send me your neck size - and give your mummy a kiss -

lots of love

Poppy (the Princess) who will be 3 (that is very grown up) in 16 days and counting!!!!!
PS you have to thank Uncle Mark - I don't know how but he has fixed the blog - it is great to be back!!!!!
and forgive him - he will never let a giant dog hurt you again - Mummy has never let Tilly near me again (not after the third time anyway!!!!!!!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Good Days and Bad Days

Dear Poppy

Where are you?  I have missed your letters.  Is it because you are glued to the TV watching the Olympics?  I am watching the closing ceremony with Puppaw.  Well, actually I am listening to them as I am sulking by the front door.  It is my new favourite spot at home.  I am not sure why, it just is.

Why am I sulking, you ask.  Well a few mornings ago I was at the park and this big dog bit me and punctured me.  I whelped and ran to Puppaw but he told me to go and play.  He did not seem to care.  He says that he did not realise how bad it was, but really I think he was just being mean.  It was Mummy, who clearly loves me more, who spotted that it was a big cut.  So off we went to the vet, and I forgave Puppaw because the vet was being difficult and Puppaw fought for me to be seen.  But .... big but .... they shaved a patch an inch by and inch from my side.  Turns out I am ok, no infection and not that deep.

But then ... and this is super super super bad ... I had to wear the cone of shame.  I was miserable.  My head was hot, I could not lie down, or get my water.  I looked so sad that Puppaw took it off.  Mummy told him off, but he said he could not bear to see me that way.

Puppaw is so easy to manipulate!!!  He he.

I am trying to be good and not lick my wound, but it is so tempting.  Nevertheless, I am being as good as I can.

To cheer me up Mummy and Puppaw took me swimming.  We sailed to my favourite spot, Whitehall Bay, and as soon as the lifeline was down, off I was into the water.  Fantastic!  No waiting for Mummy.  No waiting for Puppaw.  Just me and the fishies ... but no jelly fishies.

Write soon.

Love Mugsy

Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Servants

Dear Poppy

How are you?  You are so lucky that Granny and Grandpaw and Aunty Joanna are with you.  It was great seeing them last week.  I am so jealous that you get to be with them all the time.

I have some exciting news.  Well it is either exciting or very scary.  We are getting some new servants.  They will be here in about nine months.  It is still being debated if we are going to get one or two.  I'll find out on Aug 2nd and let you know.

I have told Mummy and Puppaw that I am ok with new servants, but we need some new family rules.  So far I have:

1.  Puppaw always says hello to me first when he gets home from earning the bacon.

2.  I still get my morning and evening walks, no matter the weather or the mood of the new servants.

3.  I can still sleep on the bed, whenever I so choose.

What do you think?  Should I insist on any other rules?  You are older than me and have more servants than me, and two homes, so I need your advice.  I only have my current two servants and one home.  I don't really count the floaty house as a home.  

Looking forward to your advice.

Thank you so much for my presents.  I pay with my bird every night and he sleeps in my bed ... sometimes.



Friday, June 22, 2012

Two Legs are so silly

Dear Poppy

Why are Two Legs so silly?  

Last night I was playing with Mummy, when the Male Servant decided I wanted to go out and pee before bed.  I did not, I tell you.  If I did, I would have said so.  Anyway, he has been a bit grumpy as he pulled a back muscle lifting me out of the Bay when I went swimming (I may need to get a new servant if he does not buck up, how is Grandpaw at household duties?), so I decided to be charitable and go to the door.

Well, silly Puppaw made a comment about how well I behave with him.  Mummy was still on the floor where we had been playing, so I went and licked and kissed Mummy.  Mummy was super happy and pointed out to Puppaw that he is not quite the boss he may think he is.

Of course, he is in no way the boss, I am; yet I let the Two Legs think they are in charge.  But that is a story for another day.

Well, I think there are clear lessons here.  First lesson is that Puppaw is silly if he thinks he is in charge.  Second lesson is that Mummy is silly if she thinks I came back to her for any other reason than to make a point to Puppaw that I am in charge.

Is your Mummy as silly?

Love, and in control, 


Friday, June 8, 2012

The greatest invention ever - The Beach

Dearest Poppy

What a day I have had. I got up as usual for work from home Friday, when out came the suitcases. I was jolly sad as I thought this meant either Mummy or Puppaw were leaving me. I had overheard something about Puppaw going to New Orleans. It was all very strange, Puppaw did not take me to the park or to Logan for a game of leaves. Instead we just went to the poo patch. Then into the car.

Three long hours later I put my head outside of the car window and I could smell salt. I was like, salt, that seems strange. I asked Mummy and Puppaw what was up and they said they had a surprise for me.

After lunch we drove down a long country road and when it ended there was nothing but water. Not like at the floaty house where sometimes I can see land all around, but water and water and water. And soft ground that Mummy called sand. Apparently this is what is called a beach. Mummy and Puppaw wondered if I would like the beach. Not to worry I loved it. Loved it loved it loved it.

Here's what you can do at the beach. You can dig and no one says stop. I tried to dig to China. And then I realized that China was a long way away, so I hid my face to hide from Mummy and Puppaw and then jumped up, and barked "surprise". At the beach you can swim and jump in waves and swim and play with Mummy. Puppaw does not go in the water unless it is the Med or Carribbean. I am not sure what that means except I got Mummy all to myself.

You can also drink the ocean but it turns out this is not such a good idea as it is salty and makes your poo funny. At the beach you can also play frisbee. Frisbees are flying disks. I have two. A soft one to practice with and a regular one. I had never played frisbee before but it turns out that I am really good. I can catch the frisbee about fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent the two legs throw badly. I have told them to practice.

Puppaw sat down with me and pointed and said that if I can swim far enough I could swim to you. Four thousand miles does not seem that far. At least not to come and see you. I tried but Mummy would not come with me and I was a bit lonely. Maybe tomorrow.

Our hotel is terrific. It is designed for Four Legs. There is an enclosed run and play area. There is a special shower. I have my own towel. I am allowed to go to breakfast. What more does one need?

Apparently Mummy used to come to the beach when she was young. We have the convertible car, so we drove around and Mummy pointed out all the places she knew. I was like, hey peeps. It's me, Mugsy at the beach. Tomorrow I am going to email mean Mitt and tell him I ride inside. Even at the beach. I hope you get to go to the beach Poppy. The beach is the best.

Love Mugsy

Monday, June 4, 2012

I think I am a big scaredy cat

Dear Poppy

Sacre blue!  I think I am a big scaredy cat.

At 4:11am this morning I woke up as I think I heard something and started growling.  You know, I had to protect Mummy and Puppaw.  So I sat on their bed and growled and growled and growled, until Puppaw woke up.  He said, come on Mugsy there is nothing to worry about, it is all a dream.  But I was not so sure so I carried on growling.  So he got up and said, come on Mugsy lets investigate.

No way in hell, I growled.  I am not going down there in case there is a bad man.  You go.

What is up with me, Poppy?  I am almost 85lbs and 2 years old.  My job is to protect Mummy and Puppaw and all I could do was stay frozen to the bed and growl.  What use am I?

Puppaw went down stairs and everything was ok.  But I was so worried that by the time he came back up I was curled up in my smallest doughnut shape and snuggled into Mummy so that she could protect me.

I am scared that I am a scaredy cat.  Oh no, there I go again .. being scared.

What am I to do.  Please help Poppy.  You are so brave, a crime fighter and everything; and only 3lbs.  I need a back bone.  I may look and sound ferocious, but really I am a complete softy.

Please advise.

Love and shakes,


Saturday, May 26, 2012

I don't like being two ...

Dear Poppy

I don't think that I like being two.  Things are changing and I don't understand why.  First of all it is super hot and I am finding it much harder than last year.  Puppaw says it is something to do with surface area to volume ratios; as if I have a clue what that means.

Worse than that, we were all at home today.  Puppaw was installing a new TV in Granny and Grandpaw's room as the old one broke.  I was on our bed with Mummy, just napping.  But, shock and horror, when I went down stairs I noticed something had changed.  I was thinking, why is there so much extra space in my office area; when suddenly I realized that my crate has disappeared.

Where I am supposed to go for my safe place?  My bed is still there.  My toys are still there.  My blank is still there.  But no crate.  Puppaw sat down with me and explained that now that I am two, I don't need a crate.

No, no, no.  I need my crate.  It is where I go when I am ready for bed and Mummy and Puppaw are being slow.  It is where my favorite toy, my blue dragon lives.

Please help me get my crate back.



Monday, May 7, 2012

Birthday!!! Me, me, me

Dear Poppy,
I can barely lift my paws I'm so tired from the endless celebration of mine and mummy's birthday. Well, really of mummy's birthday.  She was nice enough to ask for a party that would be just perfect for me. In fact, as many four legs came to celebrate my birthday as two legs came for mummy.  We had the best party ever! We went to the horse ring at Rock Creek Park. Horses are four legs, but they are giants. I saw many of them. I got confused once when one came galloping by. I thought I was supposed to chase him, but mummy said, Noooo!!!, in her mean voice, so I knew I had to stay.  Puppaw cooked hot dogs and one of the two legs snuck some to me. Yummy! There is nothing like a hot dog! Ask your granny. She knows. There were lots of little two legs too and they were great because they kept playing games. They play a game called soccer where they kick the ball to see how quickly I can get it and run away with it and then they all chase me.  There was another game called boccie ball. Same concept. They throw the little ball to see how quickly I can get it and run away with it and then they all chase me.  And yet another game, this one more complicated. It's called badminton.  They hit something called a shuttlecock into the air as hard as they can with arm extensions to see how quickly I can get it and run away with it and then they all chase me.  When I wasn't chasing balls, I was chasing my four legged friends.  I can tell you, it was the best birthday ever. Mummy wouldn't give me any sangria or birthday cake, but maybe next year when I'm three.  I wore granny's blue kerchief and I looked great.  It was so nice of mummy to share her birthday with me. Puppaw told me I was very lucky because when it comes to birthdays, mummy says its is all about me, me, me...and she doesn't mean me!
I hope you can come to my next great party...I think there will be paella.
Your two year old cousin,
De Mugs

Sunday, April 15, 2012

I've lost something ....

Dearest Poppy

I seem to have lost something - my sea legs.  We went to the floaty house today to experiment for the dingy and I did not like it at all.  I kept hiding downstairs in the cabin.  It was not good at all.  Did you know, it is rather exhausting being terrified?

And then, shocker, the engine gave up again.  After 40 minutes again.  Whatever Puppaw did to fix it clearly did not work.  Do you think that is why my sea legs have up and run away?  It was much harder this time, we had to sail all the way into the slip.  Mummy and Puppaw were terrific sailors, we tacked all the way to the Marina.  We almost got hit by this huge boat, well we almost hit it actually.  But it was ok.

I was very proud of Mummy and Puppaw.  Now I just need to find those pesky legs.  If you see them, please tell them to come home.

Legless with fear,


Sunday, April 8, 2012

What is a Green Giant?

Dear Poppy

Do you know what a Green Giant is?  Puppaw keeps saying that I have a green giant inside, and not the jolly kind.  I don't know what this means.  Let me explain ....

I have been spending so much time with Puppaw, which I love.  I don't like it when other dogs are near him or, worse, when he shows attention to others.  It all started the other evening when I went for my late night pee.  Josie, my walking buddy, was there and Puppaw bent over to say hello.  (Josie is a little french bull dog.)  I was quite angry and jumped up on Puppaw's back as he bent over.

Then yesterday little Griffin came to visit and I was horrible.  And mean.  And horrible.  In fact, I was a Mean Girl.  I growled and barked.  And Griffin was so scared he cried.  Mummy and Puppaw were very angry and gave Griffin lots of love.  I calmed down and played nicely.

Puppaw keeps telling me to let the green giant out.  But I don't know what a green giant is so I don't know how.

I don't get angry when Puppaw plays with Willy.  But then Willy is mine, mine, mine - as Mummy says about Puppaw.  I love Willy.

Please help.

Love, Mugsy

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I was so responsible ....

Dear Poppy

Let me tell what a day I have just had.  Puppaw took the day off so that he and I could take Chuffed (the floaty house) to have her bottom cleaned.  We got up early, went to the park - where I told my nemesis Hector what for - and then drove Mummy to work.  Then Puppaw and I headed off to Annapolis.

Puppaw got a coffee and I visited with Waits, the Marina puppy.  He was a bit off as it is still early in the season, so I just played with his toys.  He is quite cool and is named after the singer / actor Tom Waits.  Then Puppaw started the engine, all was ok, and off we went to the boat yard.  I practiced my sea legs by walking around and around the boat in my life jacket.  (Puppaw had his on as well.)

It was jolly exciting, Chuffed was lifted out of the water by a huge crane and I got to see her bottom.  It was yucky.  This nice man Henry power washed it, I had to keep out of the way as the water was so strong, even though I tried really hard to play.  Then I sniffed all of the barnacles that were scraped off - there were a lot.  Then back in the water, on the boat, engine started and heading back to our Marina.

That is when it all went wrong.  As we were entering the Bay from the creek the engine died.  Puppaw was like ... oh no!!  I was so responsible I headed straight into the cabin and would not move.  Puppaw quickly got the genoa out and we were moving away from the shallows.  I came up to check on Puppaw, but could tell he was a bit worried, so headed down to my cave.  Eventually he got the motor running a bit, but we had to sail all the way to the Marina, and get some help into our dock.  As soon as we stopped I came on deck again.  Waits was there to meet me.  I was so happy.  I jumped on shore and stayed there.

Some firemen and firewoman were there checking on their boat and they came aboard and gave Puppaw some advice.  He followed it and the engine now seems to be running ok. But listen to this ... the nice firewoman complimented me on wearing my life jacket, you see .. very responsible.

I am so tired I am going to sleep now.  Mummy and Puppaw are going out and I am not even sad.  In fact, the sooner the better ... I cannot keep my eyes open at all.

Hopefully you get to go sailing with Aunty Joanna.  It is super fun, although a bit worrisome when there is no engine as back up.


Mugsy the Sailor dog

Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank You .. Thank You .. Thank You

Dear Poppy

Thank you for my huge Kong Wubba, which arrived today. It is huge. I think it is even bigger than you are. I really like it and have been playing with it since Puppaw brought it up from the mail area.

All my love,


Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's a diet

Dear Poppy

I need your advice. As my older cousin. Or prima as us Spaniard's say.

I keep hearing the word "diet" and I don't really know what it means. Here is what went down. We went to my primo Atticus' birthday party and then to the supermarket. Puppaw took me to the toy store. You know, the shops with all of the pet food and treats and toys. Well they have a scale so he got me to sit on it.

Normally I refuse, but today I was feeling good as I saw Puppaw bought me a new ball, and the shopkeeper suggested I get some sausage. So Puppaw was holding the sausage over the scale and I sat down.

Then Puppaw handed the sausage back. The shopkeeper said it was only one dollar - which was nothing compared to the ball.

But - and listen to this - Puppaw said, "she is 83.2ilbs, and is only supposed to be 78lbs." Then when he and Mummy were in the car they were talking about me being a gordita. That is also Spanish for a little heavy. They think if they speak Spanish I don't understand, but Abu taught me to be on the look out for key words.

And now they are like, "she can only have a cup and half of food for each meal, not a cup and three quarters". Is that what "diet" means.

I am a tad worried.

Please advise.

Your svelte like cousin,

Mugsy the most beautiful and model like.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Everything is back to normal

Dear Poppy

I do apologise for not writing for a while. I have been suffering from depression. Mummy had disappeared. Although Puppaw did his best to keep me occupied I knew something was wrong when:

1. Puppaw got up early, showered and stuff before breakfast and took me to the park for opening at 7:00am. Mummy usually takes me a little later.

2. I was allowed to sleep all night on the bed and there was plenty of room for me.

3. I did not have to pick my toys up all of the time.

4. I had extra treats.

Then I suddenly realized no Mummy and I was very sad. So Puppaw and I snuggled all weekend and watched lots of rubbish TV. It was really great until I understood why. Then Mummy called on the FaceTime.  She seemed a long way away. She promised to come back but I was a bit worried. Everytime I saw a cute brunette in running gear I chased after thinking it was Mummy and Puppaw had to hold me back. I was very confused.

Anyway, she is back and all is normal. I even slept the whole night in my own bed. I am growing up I think. Or it could be that there was just no room for me.

Regardless, my pack is whole. I don't know how you cope when Aunty Joanna travels, at least you have Granny and Grandpaw.

All my woofs,

De Mugs

Sunday, February 12, 2012



I need help. It's arrived. It's a new collar. It looks ok. Quite harmless really although this box thing gets in the way. But then I am having fun and I have to woof it is just irrisistable and then a squirt of lemon. Yuck. I stop the woof and mummy says good girl and gives ma a treat. Believe it or not I would prefer no lemon and no treat. Hope you are having a better weekend. A depressed poppy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Hi Mugsy

Yesterday I was quite pathetic - it was the second day on the trot i was left with Granny - which i love - but two days on the trot - so i didn't eat and i didn't play.

Granny spoke to Mummy - she thought i might be ill- i wasn't - i just wanted to be under 3 kilos so the anti woofing devise was too big for me - Mummy was not worried - she knew i just wanted ATTENTION but it was worth a try.

This morning i thougth i was busted, no breakfast offered, it was just packed for work, but i didn't complain, pretended not be hungry, until it went down, when it just disapeared - and then at lunch - some of Delilahs special stash got put down - and again it just disapeared down my throat - definately tricked - but don't feel i can complain too much!!!!!

IT IS SO COLD HEAR - i can't tell you- Granny thought i might be overheating yesterday - it was part of my pathetic act - today mummy did not put a jumper on me - i had to ask!!!!! - its negative temperature - of course i need a jumper - or three - its freezings!!!!! jumper, plus lap, plus food, plus treats, plus cuddles, plus being spoilt -should i need to explain such basic requirements!!!!!



ps i hope your twolegs are being better behaved.
i am sure i head rumours about a trip to the pet parlour but i am pretending they were discussing another dog - they would not heap that trauma on me as well!!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Dear Poppy,
I do believe you live with an ungrateful lot. After all those times you foiled criminal plots with your barking and now all of a sudden you are told to keep it to yourself? Those two legs sure are confusing. But, you can send granny over any time. Now that I know where she is, I am not as worried. I have been checking on her and grandpaw every night, but they have failed to come home. It all makes sense now. Maybe I'll remember where they are and stop checking their room. I too have been told to stop barking, but at the park! Can you imagine, no barking at the park. How am I supposed to let my friends know that they should chase me, or give me the ball, or stop playing with someone else and pay attention to me? How? I don't think these two lets understand.
I have been a bit out of sorts trying to figure it all out. I am trying to be a bit more show mummy and puppaw who is the boss. I spend time in my crate, which I love, and they think it's sad. He! He! It got me a whole night in bed with them last night and a 5:30 am play date with puppaw. I must remember to use my sad face more often.
My plan is to ignore all attempts to keep me quite. Make sure your mummy doesn't tell my two legs where to get the "no bark" contraption. I don't want one of those around here.
De Mugs


Mugsy - you must help me - Mummy and Granny are going to be very mean - Mummy has bought a woofer blocker -not sure what it is - but it is being delivered today - and i think it goes round my neck and stops me woofing

I am scared - I like woofing and i am very good at it - and very loud - i woke everyone up last night when Grandpaws friend Bobby came in - and this morning at 6 am no one in the neighbourhood was asleep when i had finished!!!!

Why do two legs have to spoil a four legs fun - if I am awake why isn't everyone else - they make me go outside to the bathroom - so i can make noise - and inside i am a very good security dog - and now they say no woofing - but woofing is fun - and i don't like lemon (this thing squirts lemon - mummy says its citronella (smellonella I say its gross!!!!)

Help - i think this is cruelty - and i want rescuing - I think it is time Granny at least visits you again - i can twist Mummy round my finger - but Granny says the neighbours complain - i don't know who they are - but i shall woof at them again!!!!!

Granny seems to say SPOILED oh and theirs no heating downstairs -


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lonely :-(

Dear Poppy,
I am indeed very lonely. I go into Granny and Grandpaws room every night and every morning thinking they might be there, but they are not. And to think, my pack had grown to 4 and then for a short while to 6. I thought I was the queen of the world, and now I'm back to leading just two, two legs. Now, don't think I don't appreciate them. They do everything I ask of them...most of the time, but there is nothing like having four people to do everything that you ask. The other two who joined the pack later (aunty Roz and uncle Bud) were not very useful, but still, they added to my numbers, so I tolerated them.
I wish I were you (without the bald patches). You are so lucky to be living close to granny and grandpaw. I hope you appreciate them as much as I did.
Your loving, lonely, down to only two, cousin Mugsy.

The visit

Hi Mugsy

Thought you might be lonely now Granny and Grandpaw have left so I wanted to send you some kisses and licks. I am sure the apartment is very quiet but I here you had a great time I know that they did. I have not seen them but I heard alL about it on the phone as soon as they landed.

Anyway got to run. Don't be lonely. Pops

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Oh dear. They do not sound like they are behaving. They both sound like they need naps - both are very good to nap with. Grandpaw tummy is the perfect pillow and granny lies on her side and makes the perfect space.

On this name change you have to be tough you are MUGSY. It's a better name than NANCY have you ever heard of such a stupid name and you are keeping yours. grandpa only wants you to be a boy so he and Uncle Mark aren't so pushed around by us girls but that's tough girl power is cool

By the way I am not sickly. I am ADVENTEROUS. Unfortunately that sometimes gets me into scrapes. I have told mummy to send a picture of the present we bought you yesterday. It is as big as me and even you should not be able to kill it

Lots of love

The popster

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Re: Woe Woe Woe

Dear Poppy

I just learned a new word from Granny. It begins with an "f" and rhymes with duck, which I like to chase at the floaty house.

Anyway, all I can say is: what the rhymes with duck!!!

How do you manage to get yourself into so much trouble? I have only been to the vet five times, and three of those were for normal check ups. You seem to go all of the time. I hope you are not sickly.

How silly of you and Jack, although I am very glad you did not drink any of the bad stuff. In America we have a punishment called "Tar and Feathering". Is that what really happened? Were you naughty again and being punished, but are in denial.

Well anyway, I do hope you are ok and that your hair grows back quickly. Please be careful, I can get my passport in two weeks and then I can come and visit. I may be a bit delayed as Puppaw let his expire and he has to get one as well.

Lots of love,


PS You can have Granny and Grandpaw back. Grandpaw thinks I am a boy and Granny wants to change my name.

Woe woe woe

I just tried face time but no answer again. It is terrible and today started so well. I woke up full of the joys of spring and mummy took me to a park I don't often get to go to and Jack was there - hadn't seen him since before Christmas. Mummy and his two legs were having a good chat and there was this great smelling patch for us to investigate - and we were thorough. Jack's fur is white with two black patches. - when they paid attention to us you couldn't tell us apart but at first they were relaxed and said we would just have to have bathes. Then we got close and they decided it wan't mud the next thing I new it was a taxi and the vets who said they were right and a special horrible bath given by a nurse (very rough) and clippers cutting my Hair and something to make me vomit - oh boy was I sick

Finally that was over and I was back in my mummy's arm, the mean vet was saying something about emergency clipping because my hair was matted - the rest of me was a tad frazzled but better if I had a grooming appointment. I wasn't paying much attention although was aware I had bald patches. Jack was being kept in he had drank the oil and tar. Apparently I had been sensible and only sniffed it. My tummy is still sore and I have no hair left. I thought we were going home but no mean mummy left me at the groomers who has made me smell nice and evened up the hair cut. It is just short all over. I may freeze to death. I have insisted on a jumper. It's ok for mummy to say it will grow back but when. My tummy hurts and I feel sad

Woe. Woe. Woe


Thursday, January 19, 2012


Dear Poppy,
They are not here yet. Puppaw is picking them up at 7. I hope I get to go along for the ride. I am all ready for them. I have tested both of the beds and they are quite good; nice and comfy and plenty of room for all three of us if I plan it just right.

Don't worry. I will take good care of them. I don't pull on my leash. I only lunge if I see a biker, skate boarder, segwayer, pigeon, squirrel, plastic bottle, small dog, large dog, person I feel that I must lick and I think that covers it. So you see, nothing to worry about.

I'll try not to do anything to make Grandpaw tell me off. I don't like that and I"m sure if he does he will feel quite guilty because I have a great pathetic face that I put on for those occasions. It makes puppaw melt, forget about what I have done, and give me cuddles. He! he! Mummy holds a grudge a little longer than puppaw, but not much longer.

Don't worry, Poppy. I'm pretty sure granny and grandpaw won't be staying for good. Although I will do my best to convince them.

Don't be lonely. Facetime us soon.
Your loving cousin,
De Mugs

Missing the oldies

Have they arrived yet! I am already missing them. Saw Granny last night and gave pre holiday cuddles but Grandpaw was hiding. I looked everywhere so I left goodbye licks with Granny. Hope she remembered to pass them on.

I have been worrying that you might forget that Granny and Grandpaw are older and therefor a bit more fragile than our two legs, especially Granny who gives the best cuddles but doesn't rough house so no pulling her - oh and try not to do no 1s on her walks she hates picking it up - the face is hilarious

Grandpaw is tougher and a complete softee. But disobey him at your risk I have had some very scary tellings off -you know the type when you really really need to pee even though you have just been out!!!!!!!!! He is great with balls and will kick them for hours so long as you bring them back

I expect you to give them both a big kiss from me every night. And don't take all the bed. And remember to stay on the Mugsy sheet -what colour is it. The Poppy sheet is pink so I guess the Mugsy sheet is a deep red.

Lots of love


Monday, January 16, 2012

Very Excited ~ Granny and Grandpaw are coming to visit me

Dear Poppy

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing Granny and Grandpaw to come and visit me this week. I am so excited. I know Granny is your favourite, so I have decided to adopt Grandpaw as mine. I have already tested his bed and there should be room for him and me. I am not sure which one he will be using, so I tested both just to be sure.

I have lots of plans. On Thursday when Grandpaw arrives I will give him lots of licks and sit on him. Then on Friday, while Puppaw has work at home Friday, I will take Grandpaw for my midday walk. I cancelled the dog walker so I can have quality time with him. This is what we will do:

1. We will go to Logan Circle. I have a little test for him (don't tell him), I will lunge for the pigeons (vermin) and see if I can get away. Hopefully he will have his hand in the loop and be holding my lead properly as I don't really want to escape.

2. When we cross the road I will not sit down. This is a test of how commanding his voice is. If commanding enough, I will sit as I am supposed to.

3. At Logan I will chase squirrels. See number 1. They are so brazen, they need to be chased.

4. Then I will pee, because then we have games. The first game is leaves. This is when Grandpaw will kick leaves into the air and I will jump and squeal. But there are not many leaves at the moment, so we will move to game number two, which is feet. Feet is like leaves, except instead of biting the leaves I bite the feet. I don't think we will play sticks, which is also like leaves but with sticks, as I don't really like sticks. Then if it is cold enough, we will play ice. This is when I jump and slide on ice and when it is on the grass try and get to the grass underneath. I hope Grandpaw knows all of these games as they are my favourites and very important to me.

5. After all of this, I will go to the circle's edge and have my poo, if I need one. Then I will pretend I don't want to go home. But in fact I will as I will want to check on Puppaw and ensure he is working hard to earn my bacon.

Do you think Grandpaw knows my routine? I hope so.

On Saturday I think we will go to the dog park, and on Sunday and Monday. With lots of cuddling and napping in between.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise to return Grandpaw in one piece, although maybe a little tired.

Yours, in extreme excitement.


Thursday, January 12, 2012


I am so proud of you - you are so brave

I never take other peoples's balls - they are always taking mine - i am all for you taking balls back - send them to me - there is a bit of a shortage going on here - Minty took one of mine today - and after not seeing her for ages!!!!

I like the idea of a 99% - i have been suggesting we leave for hours - and yet we are still at work!!! - Mummy is such a goody too shoes - they say our family has a rebel in every generation - i guess you are it for ours - but don't get arrested!!!!!

Lots of love from a worshipful

I am the 99% - Occupy the Dog Park

Dear Poppy

Today Puppaw took me to my early park trip as Mummy had to go to work early. I was having so much fun that I did not want to leave as I was having so much fun. Biscuit's Mummy asked if I was staging an occupation.

I was Poppy. I am tired of the 1% (also known as Mummy and Puppaw) dictating all of the rules. I am my own sentient being and I demand my rights. I am the 99%. Will you join me in my occupation.

You need to start shouting "No, no we won't go!". I practised on the way home, so Puppaw just told me to be quiet. Those 1%ers.

It is time for a revolution, Poppy. Why should I eat just what they tell me and when they tell me? What is wrong with eating straight from the table? The french do, how civilised are they!

I have also investigated the Tea Party. I mean, I like my tea in the evenings and I like to party. And they don't like regulations and rules; and I don't like being told what to do. But they don't like immigrants and as both Mummy and Puppaw are Euros it would be jolly (like my Brit speak!!) sad if they were deported.


Mugsy Che Lees Munoz

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Dear Poppy,
I have been trying very hard to stick to my resolutions...mine seem harder than yours, but anyway. I am not having much luck. Last night, I didn't even spend one second in my own bed. It just looked so nice up there with Mummy and Puppaw, so I wanted to be with them. Earlier in the week, I gave mummy my sad puppy face and got to stay in the park an extra fifteen minutes. I made up for those two lapses by making an appearance in front of the spy cams. They are so humiliating, but I know that mummy and puppaw love to see me, so I let mummy watch me wander around. I looked at the treat area and on top of the dining room table to get her heart racing, but I wasn't going to steal least not from there. I did have an incident of which you would not approve, since you are the law enforcer in the family. This is how it happened...I was walking by a yard with an iron fence and there were two balls in the yard. One was quite close to the fence and when I stuck my paw through the fence, I could touch it! It was so exciting. The first time I touched it, it went further away from me, so I was quite worried, but the second time, it came closer. Yes, close enough for me to snatch it in my mouth. I ran off as quickly as I could...not too quickly because mummy was behind me. I don't know if she noticed, so I kept my mouth shut and looked behind me once or twice to make sure I was not going to get caught. It was very exciting. Now I understand why there are so many thieves out there. It is quite a rush. Mummy said I was going to have to bring the ball back and apologize to the dog who lives there. I was so scared. But then I saw her throw the ball away. I will try to be better, but at least not stealing was not one of my resolutions.
Your thieving cousin, Mugsy.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Wow. If you are still keeping those now you should be renamed perfectus Mugsimus. I had some new years resolutions but had broken them by the second of jan. They were too hard to keep to

1. To let mummy lie in - but then I thought why that meant less play time for me. And I do not allow anything that reduces play or cuddles. Ask grandpa. I insisted he came downstairs on Friday just for a cuddle
2. No more stashing food - but what about my mid night snacks. And also then Granny wouldn't be able to have stash hunts and she enjoys them
3. No more woofing. - but I am a guard dog and making noise is souch fun

Will try to write more myself. Loved chatting at Christmas. Mummy says we can FaceTime lots not sure how so get your Puppaws to sort it out

Gt to go it's after eight which is past mummies bed time



Friday, January 6, 2012


Dear Poppy,
I hope you had a nice Christmas and a Happy New Year. It sure was nice to see you on Christmas. I am very sorry for not writing you lately. Mummy tells me that in order to do better in the new year, I have to make some resolutions. So, here I go:

1. I will write more often to my cousin Poppy.
2. I will not play dead in the park or on the side walk, or in the middle of the road.
3. I will not run away from Mummy when she wants to leave the dog park.
4. I will not try to eat squirrels, pigeons or anything that moves and is slightly smaller than my cousin Poppy.
5. I will not wake up early.
6. I will sleep in my own bed.
7. I will not start playing at 10:30 pm
8. I will always look adoringly at Mummy and Puppaw
9. I will not use my sad puppy face to get my own way.
10. I will not hide in the blind spots of the spy cameras that mummy bought Puppaw.

You probably don't have as many resolutions as I have, since you are always so good. But I sure would like to hear them.

Lickity lick lick lick,

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi Mugs

Thanks for the message - you are not good at waiting for presents - the scarf is for Christmas - that is two weeks away - you won't have anything to open if you aren't careful!!!!

I am so happy, Mummy finally seems to be getting back to normal - although we seem to have moved to a new home - Granny and Grandpaw's - i think they would like Mummy to move out - but I can stay - they are always happy to see me - and they ignore mummy - Granny came to give me a cuddle last night in my bed - i let Mummy sleep there too!!!! and didn't even say night to mummy.

Also now going back to the office - prefer to stay at home - get much better attention - Grandpaw gives great cuddles and Granny the best nap times - Mummy of course i CONTROL!!!!!

Have to go

Princess Poppy

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Woo hoo winter is here

Dear Poppy,

Please thank granny for the terrific scarf that she sent to me. I love the snow men and can't wait until I can play with the real thing...although I have to say, I am still enjoying playing with leaves. Although, mummy and puppaw are a bit hesitant to play with me, because every once in a while I bite their feet by accident. This was particularly bad the other night, because mummy already has a hurt foot from running too much.

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I am a bit discombobulated. My mid-day walking buddy Matt has disappeared. There is a new girl, who I guess is OK, but every time I get used to one of my buddies, they disappear. I wonder why they keep leaving me and it makes me very sad. To make matters worse, Mummy and puppaw bought me a fluffy, big bed. I'm very confused as to when I'm supposed to be in it. I'm exhausted from all the getting up and down in the middle in the night. I've decided to punish the two of them by only sleeping in the new bed from now on. That will show them! This morning, I heard them asking each other what was wrong with me and they think I might not love them anymore. He! He! As if that were possible. But it is good to keep them on their toes.

Your cousin, who can't get a good night sleep, although mummy and puppaw seem to, Mugsy

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I am so sorry

Dear Poppy

I am so sorry. My Mummy and Puppaw had bought you a super Xmas present. But they left me today and it made me angry. So I stole it from the dining table.

I am so sorry, I did not realize it was for you. Had I, I would never have taken it.

I thought I was punishing the two legs, not realizing I was actually hurting you. Puppaw is quite angry.

Please forgive me,

Sad (well actually happy as I have a new toy) Mugsy

Friday, November 11, 2011


Dear Poopy

Do you have leaves in London? We have lots of leaves in DC at the moment and I taught my Puppaw a great new game today. It goes like this, Puppaw kicks leaves into the air and I jump around and catch them in my mouth. It is super great fun, you should try it. Tomorrow I am going to teach Mummy.



Friday, November 4, 2011

Back to normal

Dear Poppy,
Please forgive me for taking so long to respond to your email. I have been having nightmares about the "Dog Corrector" and just haven't had the energy to write to you to ask what it is...maybe I don't want to know. Don't tell me if it is too awful. Things or me are also back to normal, except it seems I have turned into a bit of a baby and a you can see from above. When mummy left I thought she would never return, so I stuck to puppaw like a tick; followed him around the house, cried and pawed at the door when he left the house, generally didn't want him out of my sight. And then, as you know, he did disappear and my worst fears came true. Although Aunty Jessica came to stay with me and we had jolly good fun (don't tell Puppaw. He still thinks I was misearable.) In any event, then mummy returned, but was coughing and sneezing and spent two days in bed. It's ok, because I took care of her and hardly noticed when puppaw left. Then, puppaw started coughing and sneezing and again, I took care of him. It's nice to be busy. I don't even go sleep in front of the door so mummy can't get out when I am busy taking care of puppaw. But, back to the fraidicat syndrome. I don't like nippy dogs anymore. I would just rather stay by mummy and puppaw at the dog park. I mean, it is so rude when I am racing down the lawn at the park and mean little Lucy bites me with her tiny but very sharp puppy teeth. Remember when I was sometimes called Lucy. I have grown out of that, but Lucy IS Lucy all the time. That tells you something doesn't it? Then a great big Alsatian (German Shepperd according to Mummy) scared the bejesus out of me. Sometimes I think I should just stay home in bed with Mummy or Puppaw all day long.
But not this weekend. I heard Mummy tell Puppaw that we can go swimming at the indoor pool at the Hilton Hotel this weekend. That's where I went to the bark ball. They really like dogs there. I thought swimming season was over, but hurray! One more time.
I hope your Mummy is feeling better. I hear you are getting lots of attention at Granny and Grandpaws.
Licks and love from your baby, fraidicat, cousin Mugsy.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Hi Mugsy

i hear your mummy has returned. Mine is back, she picked me up yesterday and no i am not letting her out of my sight ever again. i don't know what has been going on- Mummy's can't get sick - they have to clean up my sick. i have been very scared. i love Granny and Grandpaw lots, but not like mummy.

The bad news is apparently my refusal to let Mummy out of sight is UNACCEPTABLE - we went out to lunch today, we had to take the bus, although normally we would have walked it, mummy went to pay and i made a fuss, the next thing i knew we were at the pet shop by DOG CORRECTOR and not the normal size but the GIANT size, and its already been used, i am trying to be real cute but apparently i have to agree to SEPARATION and that is NOT ACCEPTABLE. the rumour is that Granny (the mean one) is insisting the Mummy leaves me home alone tomorrow. i need a plan to prevent this. helpt and advice please


The popster

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mummy is missing

Dearest Poppy

How are you? Are you much happier now that Aunty Joanna is back? I am quite jealous that you get to live at Grandpaw and Granny's house. Just remember, I have dibs.

So I need some advice. My Mummy has disappeared. I know you have this problem so I thought you would know what to do. Puppaw has been around, but today he went to work with his big case, which is not a good sign. I have rather got used to hanging out with him ALL of the time over the last few days.

We have lots of fun, for example:

- I have learned a new trick. When Puppaw does not give me the right petting at the crack of dawn I take his fingers in my mouth and move them to the right spot.

- When we go to bed, I nest in Mummy's spot and then just as Puppaw is ready, I go and hide on the couch. It helps that it is black and so am I. Then to get me to go to bed, Puppaw has to give me treats.

- Puppaw is not really a morning person, so I get to decide where we go for our morning walk. Before we know it we are at the Park of my choice, not his.

How smart am I really? Yet this does not make up for the fact that Mummy is missing. I saw her on the funny portable window thing that she and Puppaw have, but when I went to sniff her there was no smell. I could see and hear her, but she was not there. What's up with that?

Puppaw was quite stressed yesterday with Mummy away. Our hot water heater broke and leaked all over the hallway outside of our door (and Adam from next door). These nice emergency plumbers - Robert and Kwame - came but could not fix it immediately, so came again today. I am glad they did because Puppaw needed a shower. Pongy is an understatement. And a shave, because he looked like he had been left on a desert island.

I'll let you know what happens with the missing Two Legs. Do you think I should call the police? I ask as you have some experience with the law.

Lots of barks,

De Mugs

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Thinking about Aunty Joanna

Dear Poppy

I am so worried about Aunty Joanna. I do hope that you are ok and that Granny and Grandpaw are giving you extra hugs and treats. I hear they took you to Hull to see Aunty Joanna but that you are not allowed to the hospital.

I am glad that you are staying at Granny and Grandpaws. Mummy tells me it is a super house and that when I move to England I will be able to live their. Puppaw says there is even a room just for me. But I think I will stay in Mummy and Puppaw's room - or is it now yours and Aunty Joanna's room?

I am so worried for you. Every day now when Puppaw leaves for work I am sad and ignore him, and then when Mummy leaves I lie by the door to try and stop her from getting out. You must be so scared when the two legs leave.

I have been doing some research on the computer - Puppaw kindly left it on the couch today so it was easier to get to. The computer - a site called - says that Aunty Joanna will get better and be home today. Please give her lots of licks from me.

Please keep me up to date because the two legs are not good at sharing.

All my love,


Sunday, October 9, 2011


You have to lose half a poppy. You had better go to boot camp with my mummy in November. The weight just falls off of you - a bad week but then it's over. Don't know what you are really worrying about I have never been allowed to clean the plates and I only get a quarter cup of food all day. At 78pounds you will still be over 13 times my size. I need to grow. Am off to granny and Grandpaws for a few days. Mummy has to go to Edinburgh and then Hull. Maybe they will give me extra chicken

Love. The take your 3pounds. Poppy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

I am a Gordita

Dear Poppy

It's terrible. Terrible I say. I went for my annual check up this morning and now I have to go on a diet. I am 81lbs and I have been set a target of 78lbs by the vet. It's terrible. I can hear Puppaw telling Mummy no more eggy plate breakfast, nor more dish cleaning, nor more scraps, more exercise and small dinner portions, One and a half cups instead of one and three quarters. What am I do do? Woe is me.

Love, rather a lot of Mugsy

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Re Squirrels

Dear Poppy

CONGRATULATIONS. That is fantastic news. I keep trying to capture squirrels but nasty Mummy and Puppaw won't let me.

Do you ever have bad dreams. I had a terrible dream last night. We all went to bed early (more on that below), and then suddenly I jumped up and ran downstairs. I sniffed around and then came upstairs. There was nothing there so I must have dreamed it.

I could not sleep so I went to my crate. It is my safe place. I was curled up as far back in it as I could go with my blanky and toys. I felt better. Puppaw got up to check on me as he was worried where I had goned. He went downstairs again with me. (Mummy was out cold.)

Finally I realised all was ok, and I went and slept on the floor besides Puppaws side of the bed. I was still a little scared and needed to be close.

I think it was all because I have started running. The two-legs need to be in better shape so now I make them run to the park and back. I am pretty good and just jog as they are slow and cannot keep up if I sprint. Occassionally they need a bit of encouragement so I grab the lead and drag them along. When that does not work, I jump up and bite their elbows. This gives them that little extra bit of umpf to run faster. Fortunately unlike the nasty squirrel they don't bite back. But then they know I am only doing it for their own good.

Otherwise all is good here.

Love Mugsy


i caught one - it was great - till it bit me - then not so great

but i caught a squirrel all by myself - i ran and ran and ran - and i got to the squirrel before it got to the tree - i pounced and it squeaked - like by best toy - it was squidgy like my favourite toy - and did i say they SQUEAK oh and they bite.

i was looking at it wondering what to do next - mummy was running over - and it bit me - i howled and jumped - toys don't bite - i bite them, it ran away and i had to go the vets - not sure it was worth it - seems if you catch a squirrel you have to be flea'd again!!!! oh and if you get bitten you have to have anti-biotics they are vermin - but not only am i a crime fighter now i am an EXTERMINATOR - all TWO LEGS SHOULD BE SCARED VERY VERY SCARED but not you!!!!

please write - not heard for ages

the small silent squirrel assassin aka POPPY

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Mugs

I thought new years was a time when the two legs partied in December but turns out there is a new years today. It is great I have had the perfect day. Am staying with Delilah and we have spent 4hours in the park chasing squirrels. There are so many squirrels at the moment and they are so good to chase

How was your Puppaws birthday party. I hear the two legs were jaded the next day. I am sure you took full advantage I had a great week at Granny and Grandpaws - I persuaded Granny not to brush me just a few whinges is all it took anfd we went on holiday to Devon. When mummy came back I made sure she knew I missed her and that I wished to stay again my excuse is it is training for you. I take pmy job very seriously so you should be very grateful!!!!!

Got to go



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Legs

Hi Mugs

Saw you swimming - your Mummy took video - you look so cool - i saw you drown the beagle - he looked like he deserved it - Girls rule ok!!!!!

i don't think Mummy is going to listen to me - so i shall just insist that Granny and Grandpaw stay close - at all time - i am not going to be home alone during any Earthquakes or Hurricanes - i am not brave like you - any threat and i plan on SCREAMING - very very very LOUD!!!!!!!!!

Four legs aren't allowed in public pools in england so enjoy them in the states - although Cousin James has a pool and so do Nick and Sarah - so we should be able to have fun in both of theirs - i can't wait - your Puppaw should make the arrangements asap - i am going to Cousin James on 11 November - it would be great if you were there too!!!!

obediance with regards to food - we have been got - i think they are drugging us - i notice i now eat my breakfast instantly - its very sad - and also no woofing in the morning - i walk down the street in silence - i don't even woof at Doogal - and i do it for tiniest peice of chicken - and then i wag my tail and i wag it and wag it - and wag it - it must be drugs!!!!

Had a new experience yesterday - not bad (started off bad - but then it got better!!!) Mummy had bad toothache and i went with her to the dentist (a two leg doctor for teeth) - she was in pain not me - i just got cuddles - from the receptionist (my dues of course), the dental nurse (very good!!!!) to lie on my mummy's bag (like being at work - but she was scared not me!!!!) and the dentist (like a vet but he caused the two legs pain not me - so i quite like him - he gives good tickles!!!) and i get to go again - she had root canal treatment - i am not having that - it look horribly scary

got to go - Mummy says it time for real work - what does she think this is!!!!!


The Pops

ps be warned i have a grooming visit this Saturday - so you may do too!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't let her go!

Dear Poppy,
I don't think you should let your mummy go away. There are all kinds of strange things happening in the world...earthquakes (ground moves), hurricanes (winds howl) and on and on. You need your mummy at home to protect you. I know granny and grandpaw can take care of you, too, but having not been invited to CT for their visit, even I know that there are limits to how much they will do for us. You may say that is not fair, but I had to be home with strangers during the hurricane while the family was in CT having a jolly old least that is what I heard. I don't think they put up much of a fight with uncle bud and aunty roz to let me come. At least I didn't hear about any ultimatums. So that is my advice. Don't let mummy go.

But, if she has to go, then you should get granny to take you to the local swimming pool. The two legs are so smart. They swim in clear water, where you can see the bottom. It is a lot less scary than swimming in nature where you don't know what is underneath. I had a great time when my two legs took me. I even dunked an annoying little beagle who was wearing a swimming vest and kept getting the balls before me. Of course he did! Even though he was tiny, he was cheating and had to pay. I showed him. It only took one quick paw and a lot of acting like I didn't know what I was doing and down he went. Don't worry, Poppy. I would never do that to you.

Floaty, floaty Mugsy.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eating ...

Dear Poppy

I do hope you are eating better. I have become very good, I must tell you. And when I have eaten I get toys to play with and sometimes even a bone.

But .... and I don't really know how this happened .... Puppaw has a new trick. If I don't eat all of my breakfast or tea he walks over to my bowl, looks at me and points at the food. He does not saying anyhthing, he just looks at me and I feel compelled to do what I am told.

I try to resist, but cannot. Help. What is wrong?

Not in total control anymore,