Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sick Poppy


I'm Sick - everything hurts and i don't want food - i think i'm dying

its those nasty two legs - they kept making me go to the park in the cold - and now i have a bug (i thought bugs were for eating - but this one grew in my nose) and i feel horrible - hot and shivery and scared - i spent most of the night lying in my mummy's shower - but it wasn't very cold - and i was so hot!!!!!!!!.

had a visit to the vet - (revenge - mummy had to spend a fortune on medicine) but i have to take it - had two injections and now have to have eye drops, ear drops and anti-biotics so no drinkies for me (apparently your daddy likes drinkies thats when two legs get a sore head) i have one now they are horrible - and some horrible paste for my sore tummy - but lots of cuddles

You have to tell your mummy and pawpa no downs on cold concrete for you - you don't want this - its horrible!!!! - no going out if its cold -

licks and kisses and sneezes and sniffles and snuffles


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