Sunday, March 20, 2011

Best Saturday Ever

Dear Poppy

Yesterday I went out with Mummy and Puppaw to their friends Ann and Rich in Maryland. In case you didn't know, Maryland is where the house on the water is and where Granny was born. But they are in Annapolis and we were somewhere else. Well I digress.

Ann and Rich's controller is a yellow lab called Eli. He is three and a great host. We played and played and played and played. Eli had his mummy provide a yummy snack of a huge bone. Much bigger than my passies. I am still eating it.

Eli's Dad built this adventure course for Eli. It had a pond at the top with three fish, a rock slide / waterfall and a pond at the bottom. The water went up and down. Eli and I jumped in and out and climbed up and slid down the waterfall. It was so much fun.

But I must tell you, I think ELi and I may have broken the pump as all of a sudden the bottom pond began flooding and Mummy and Puppaw (who were sitting around a fire beside the bottom pond) began to sink. It was jolly funny. Well at least Eli and I thought so. I think Puppaw is quite worried that we broke the pumpt, but Rich said it was ok.

I hope the fish are ok.

Well I was so tired I slept in until 9am this morning. When Puppaw took me out I just came back in and slept some more. Puppaw took me to the park and I played with Piggy and Kaya (two of my favorite friends) but was really tired. I am off for a nap as soon as I finish this letter. I am not sure I have ever been so tired.

Love and licks,


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