Monday, March 14, 2011

Perfect Weekend

Hi Mugsy

Had to tell you about my perfect weekend -then i am off to have a nap

Saturday i did a seven mile walk with the gang - we had a ball - the weather was gorgous, the parks brilliant and we ran and ran and ran

and then i slept and slept and slept

bit worried on Sunday mummy got me up really early and dragged me to the park - i was so tired - i didn't leave the park - eventually we got to Granny and grandpaws - ran upstairs but was too tired to climb on the bed -

the day just got better and better - Granny and i moved from the bed to the couch and then we just watched tv all day!!! no walks (other than for pee breaks) no manners, no tricks just cuddles and snuggles and sleep sleep and more sleep - Grandpaw even drove me home - so really no work at all. Got home, took straight to mummies sofa and when she tried to tell me off, kept my eyes closed and she felt so bad i was so tired she didn't tell me off - note to self be asleep and no tellings off!!!!!

Mummy thought we were going to walk to work today - we left early so we could - but i was not keen - so when we got to Parsons green tube i sat down - and i sat and i sat and she pulled and she pulled - and i looked pathetic and finally the silly two legs realised i was too tired and we took the tube all the way to work - been here for five hours and other than eating breakfast and writing to you - i have slept - and now its nap time again -

what a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hope yours was as prefect
love andlicks

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