Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well i think sleeping in your own room, even if it is the office, is as brave as i was - when did you agree to that - not sure i would have done, hope you get lots of big girls treats for it - can't believe you kept such big news quiet.

My sleep over dates with Granny keep on getting cancelled, last weekend was cancelled because Mummy's sailing was cancelled and this weekend is cancelled because Aunty C is keeping me - Mummy is away again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i am being spoilt rotten so its her tough luck!!!!!!!!!

i think you could get some good training in - but the rules that have been pre-agreed are:-

1. no trying to sneak up to the pillow (not really intending on following that one)
2. no complaining about snoring (apparently all old two legs snore)
3 no waking them up between about 10 pm and 7 am - they need their beauty sleep - they sure do!!!!!!
4. although they have to get up during the night to go to the bathroom we have to hold it in and pretend that we can sleep through the noise
5. no following into the bathroom - old two legs require privacy (tbey don't give it to us!!!)

let me know how it goes
oh and i think a new one for you (Granny can be very squeamish) - keep the warties hidden - even when you are asleep!!!!!!



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