Wednesday, August 31, 2011


i can't believe this Aunty Alana kept you out of YOUR bed - and you let it happen - if anyone tries it with me - i don't bother with the wining - i SCREAM and SCREAM and SCREAM - ask Grandpaw, he gets very upset - i do it in the car sometimes - he can ignore it - but no girl two legs can = just thought you should no for the future!!!!!

GUB is going to be a hard nut to crack - we are going to have to work on him together -

Sad to say think i have lost the battle on food - seem to get nice stuff in the morning - canned chicken and rice - with medicine on it NO TREAT UNTIL IT IS EATEN - i have suffered it two days on the trot - and then dry food at night - and if i don't eat it - i dont get anything nicer - Mummy is so mean - i insisted on sleeping under the duvet last night to punish her - but she just ignored it -

Glad your Puppaw and Mummy are home.

the precious one
aka Poppy

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