Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Flying Food Bowls

Hi Mugs

Hope the food bowl was empty - its no good when it has food in - what a mess

Sounds like a wild time was had - hope the bump on your head is going away - and am glad the sea has stopped moving - i know the floaty house in fun - i am looking forward to some trips when it comes to England but i require no wind - and no flying bowls!!!!

All is good here - Mummy is home - she has been for 5 whole days - i know i have not let her out of my sight - am currently sat on her lap - that way she can not disapear again.

It appears that just as you like nice calm weather, i am rather precious - am now on Puppy Prozac - it is called Zylkene and i highly recommend it - its really relaxing - the other stuff isn't so cool - the glucosamine (Granny takes it as well) looks like Chocolate but doesn't taste so good and the essential oils - yuck yuck yuck

Anyway i lost too much weight - Mummy wishes she had the same problem and am on a new diet - don't like it much (really don't like it because if i hold out i get the raw food diet - which is what my pal Ella is on and it is great) - so am back on a short term hunger strike - no tea last night and no breakie this morning - am quite peckish so it is down to whether or not i can hold out longer than the two legs - what do you think!!!!!!

its my birthday on Monday and i am having a party - was hoping you would be in London my now so you could come - can you tell your two legs to hurry up - anyway if it is not raining (some hope!!!) we will be in hyde park - about 15 dogs running wild - will try and have some pictures taken - all the two legs i know are useless


The Pops
proud to be a Size Zero
but ready for some food - raw only please

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