Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dear Mugsy

I think that was the hurricane that you were describing - Granny and Grandpaw said it was nothing - but how you describe it sounds horrible - and very remiss of your mummy and puppaw to leave you home alone - i hope you tell them off when they get home - it was ok for them - they were in westport drinking Great Uncle Bud's wine etc.

My birthday was great - we had a ball in the park - had to move my party to Sunday to avoid the rain - but lots of my pals still made it:-

Delilah, Snowy, Esme, Penny Lane, Captain, Rupert (who found the fox poo!!!!!), Lucy Lu (who gave me a great card with a Poodle and Poppies on it!!!) Parker, Cooper, Ben and Lilly plus some of their two legs.

We ran and ran and ran - you can guess how much by the fact that all i did yesterday was sleep - mummy brought a whole chicken for us to eat - and i had a portion (my own) or roast chicken roast potatoes and carrots for lunch at the grazing goat - in England even four legs can go to restaurants on their birthdays!!!!

Am back on hunger strike again - still no raw food - don't know that the birthday celebrations have helped my arguments - but i am perservering she will give in - one day!!!!!


Poppy aged 2 exactly

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