Monday, August 8, 2011

Why Am I Not Allowed To Sleep

Dear Poppy

Thank you for your nice note about being careful where to sleep on the boat. If only I had received it earlier. Let me tell you ......

There I was, having a nice sleep and, as I usually do, rolled over. Except there was no where to roll and all of a sudden I was swimming. Now you know how much I like swimming but this was quite a shock. I look up and the Floaty House with Mummy and Puppaw was leaving me. All of a sudden there was a big splash and there was Mummy, still in her dress and hat, coming towards me. I was so happy that I swam to her and tried to sit on her. But she went under and pushed me away.

Then there was another splash and Mummy's friend Kelly was swimming towards me with the floaty cushion that Puppaw has for emergencies. I love Kelly, she took the great photos of me when Mummy and Puppaw got married. I thought, yippee a floaty cushion that I can rest and sleep on in the cool water. But no, Mummy and Kelly used and there was no room for me.

I had had enough of two legs by then. They don't float so well so I decided to catch up with Puppaw on the Floaty House and left Mummy behind. I am quite a strong swimmer you know and was catching up fast. Puppaw turned the engine on and pulled down the sails. Then all of a sudden he hooked me and lifted me back onto the Floaty House.

It was tons of fun.

We had to go and get Mummy and Kelly which was quite a palava as we had to get the ladder out and all sorts - I don't know why we could not hook them as well - and then go and find Mummy's cap, which Tad (Puppaw's friend) fished with the hook. The hook is really jolly useful. Multipurpose really.

Everyone was quite stressed so I went for a snooze - but not on the edge. But they kept rubbing me and checking I was ok. All I wanted to do was sleep. I mean really, what was all the fuss about. Why am I not allowed to sleep.

Love Mugsy (a little damp)

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