Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hi Mugs

Thanks for the message - you are not good at waiting for presents - the scarf is for Christmas - that is two weeks away - you won't have anything to open if you aren't careful!!!!

I am so happy, Mummy finally seems to be getting back to normal - although we seem to have moved to a new home - Granny and Grandpaw's - i think they would like Mummy to move out - but I can stay - they are always happy to see me - and they ignore mummy - Granny came to give me a cuddle last night in my bed - i let Mummy sleep there too!!!! and didn't even say night to mummy.

Also now going back to the office - prefer to stay at home - get much better attention - Grandpaw gives great cuddles and Granny the best nap times - Mummy of course i CONTROL!!!!!

Have to go

Princess Poppy

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