Sunday, January 22, 2012


Oh dear. They do not sound like they are behaving. They both sound like they need naps - both are very good to nap with. Grandpaw tummy is the perfect pillow and granny lies on her side and makes the perfect space.

On this name change you have to be tough you are MUGSY. It's a better name than NANCY have you ever heard of such a stupid name and you are keeping yours. grandpa only wants you to be a boy so he and Uncle Mark aren't so pushed around by us girls but that's tough girl power is cool

By the way I am not sickly. I am ADVENTEROUS. Unfortunately that sometimes gets me into scrapes. I have told mummy to send a picture of the present we bought you yesterday. It is as big as me and even you should not be able to kill it

Lots of love

The popster

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