Saturday, January 21, 2012

Woe woe woe

I just tried face time but no answer again. It is terrible and today started so well. I woke up full of the joys of spring and mummy took me to a park I don't often get to go to and Jack was there - hadn't seen him since before Christmas. Mummy and his two legs were having a good chat and there was this great smelling patch for us to investigate - and we were thorough. Jack's fur is white with two black patches. - when they paid attention to us you couldn't tell us apart but at first they were relaxed and said we would just have to have bathes. Then we got close and they decided it wan't mud the next thing I new it was a taxi and the vets who said they were right and a special horrible bath given by a nurse (very rough) and clippers cutting my Hair and something to make me vomit - oh boy was I sick

Finally that was over and I was back in my mummy's arm, the mean vet was saying something about emergency clipping because my hair was matted - the rest of me was a tad frazzled but better if I had a grooming appointment. I wasn't paying much attention although was aware I had bald patches. Jack was being kept in he had drank the oil and tar. Apparently I had been sensible and only sniffed it. My tummy is still sore and I have no hair left. I thought we were going home but no mean mummy left me at the groomers who has made me smell nice and evened up the hair cut. It is just short all over. I may freeze to death. I have insisted on a jumper. It's ok for mummy to say it will grow back but when. My tummy hurts and I feel sad

Woe. Woe. Woe


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