Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I was so responsible ....

Dear Poppy

Let me tell what a day I have just had.  Puppaw took the day off so that he and I could take Chuffed (the floaty house) to have her bottom cleaned.  We got up early, went to the park - where I told my nemesis Hector what for - and then drove Mummy to work.  Then Puppaw and I headed off to Annapolis.

Puppaw got a coffee and I visited with Waits, the Marina puppy.  He was a bit off as it is still early in the season, so I just played with his toys.  He is quite cool and is named after the singer / actor Tom Waits.  Then Puppaw started the engine, all was ok, and off we went to the boat yard.  I practiced my sea legs by walking around and around the boat in my life jacket.  (Puppaw had his on as well.)

It was jolly exciting, Chuffed was lifted out of the water by a huge crane and I got to see her bottom.  It was yucky.  This nice man Henry power washed it, I had to keep out of the way as the water was so strong, even though I tried really hard to play.  Then I sniffed all of the barnacles that were scraped off - there were a lot.  Then back in the water, on the boat, engine started and heading back to our Marina.

That is when it all went wrong.  As we were entering the Bay from the creek the engine died.  Puppaw was like ... oh no!!  I was so responsible I headed straight into the cabin and would not move.  Puppaw quickly got the genoa out and we were moving away from the shallows.  I came up to check on Puppaw, but could tell he was a bit worried, so headed down to my cave.  Eventually he got the motor running a bit, but we had to sail all the way to the Marina, and get some help into our dock.  As soon as we stopped I came on deck again.  Waits was there to meet me.  I was so happy.  I jumped on shore and stayed there.

Some firemen and firewoman were there checking on their boat and they came aboard and gave Puppaw some advice.  He followed it and the engine now seems to be running ok. But listen to this ... the nice firewoman complimented me on wearing my life jacket, you see .. very responsible.

I am so tired I am going to sleep now.  Mummy and Puppaw are going out and I am not even sad.  In fact, the sooner the better ... I cannot keep my eyes open at all.

Hopefully you get to go sailing with Aunty Joanna.  It is super fun, although a bit worrisome when there is no engine as back up.


Mugsy the Sailor dog

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