Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year

And what a happy new year it is Poppy.  So much has happened since I last wrote.  I should apologise for not writing sooner but it has been go go go.  I am soooo tired!

Thank you so much for my Xmas presents, I am really enjoying them although I have to confess that I have decapitated the turkey that you gave me.  My two-legs are a bit freaked out when they see the head in one place and the body in another.  I keep telling them it is because they would not give me any of their turkey but they don't seem to be getting the message.

I met your mummy and our granny and grandpaw.  It was so great.  Granny gave me a Xmas collar just like yours.  I quite liked it but my Pawpa thought I looked silly and put it up high.  So not fair, it is jolly tasty.

The really big news is that Puppaw tells me I am no longer a bastard, although he does still call me a bitch.  Mummy and Puppaw got married and I got to star in the photos.  Their friend Kelly took photos of us at home all dressed up.  They are very urban chic, with us walking in the middle of the road, and along the pavement.  And lots of mummy and puppaw kissing.  (Yuk, two-legs are so gross.)

I had my first vacation.  I went to Aunt Mercedes and Uncle Matt's house and played and played with my other cousins Duncan and Atticus.  It was great.  I wanted to play with Caramel the hamster, but Atticus was afraid I would eat her.  They have a yard and I left lots of gifts for the animals that live there.  When mummy and puppaw came and got me I was very excited, but decided that Puppaw needed to be punished so I ignored him.  He he.

Xmas and New Year was so cool as I had mummy and puppaw at home for 10 whole days.  We went to the park, played at home and went to other peoples houses. I went for walks with Granny and Grandpaw. It was so great, you are so lucky that you get to visit with them all of the time.  Now it is back to work and I have to stay home all day.  I have so much energy and a need to chew lots of things.  Puppaw's shoes.  His kindle.  Mummy's grater cover.  The newspapers.  The bath plug.  The insides of all my toys.  My blanket.  Puppaw's plant (it was overgrowing anyway).  Basically anything.  Mummy and Puppaw think it is because I am acting out, but really I just like to taste things.  I hear No No No a lot.  But then I look sad and sorry and I get cuddles.  Although I think Puppaw is getting a little irritated.

I have learned a new trick.  When I am angry or when the two-legs are not paying enough attention, I pull the tea-towel onto the floor.  If we are upstairs, then I pull the bath towels.  If Mummy and Puppaw are eating then I pull their napkins from their laps.  I just leave them on the floor (they are not fun to play with).  I just need them to remember who should be the center of attention.  I hear Mummy and Puppaw saying they will just ignore me, but I know they are paying attention.  Ha!

The two-legs are worried that I am growing up a bit too fast.  I was weighed yesterday and am now 55lbs.  I am aiming for a hundred, but Puppaw has threatened to stop feeding me.  He tells people at the park that he hopes I have some Chihuahua in me.  I hope not - I hate those little yappy dogs.

And my best part of the holiday. The picture that you sent me of you.  I have it by my bed so you are the first thing I see in the morning and after my naps.  I met another black toy poodle - Gia - while walking and we played. I imagined I was playing with you.

Love and licks,


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