Monday, December 20, 2010

Sick Poppy

Hi Poppy

I LOVE snow.  Even though it is almost all gone when I find a patch I jump in it.  How exciting that you are getting so much.  I do hope it does not impact Granny and Grandpaw though.  That would be very sad. 

I had a fairly good weekend.  I have learned how to break into my toys.  Did you know toys are full of white stuff.  I think it is snow, but not as cold and lasts longer.  I managed to break into my elephant, my favourite toy and now his insides are all over the bedroom.  So exciting.  He does not seem as happy as he used to though and now his face is all flat and sad.  He was the toy I chose for myself and I love him a lot.

Puppaw felt sorry for me and so he got me another elephant.  This one is not as fat and soft, but makes lots of squeaks.  He has two tusks.  Well he had two - now he has one.  I managed to cut one off and am looking for an ivory carver to make a present for Mummy and Puppaw.  Do you know any?  They also got me the cutest little Gorilla that makes monkey sounds.  I carry him around quite carefully as he is very noisy.  Puppaw bursts out laughing whenever the Gorilla talks to me.  I am not sure what is so funny as I don't speak gorilla.  Puppaw can be quite strange.  I saw lots of other toys but they are very small so I think they may be for you.  I tried to play with them so that you can have my smell, but Mummy and Puppaw would not let me.  Meanies.

Also on Saturday, Puppaw and I went for a secret mission to get Mummy's present.  Mummy was very worried as she thought Puppaw would leave me outside and someone would steal me because I am so adorable.  (Her words.)  But the nice people were great and let me inside.  We got a great present - of course all of my doing - but don't tell Mummy as it is a surprise.  I will make sure I get lots of treats for choosing so well, though.

Sunday was not so good.  We went to the park and I was playing with Daisy. Daisy is a Bull Terrier and Mummy used to have one of those - also called Daisy - before she met puppaw.  Daisy is deaf so I bark really loud so she can hear me, but it does not seem to work.  She likes to play tug with balls.  We were playing with one and I won, so I ate it.  I thought how fun.  A few hours later, it was not good.  The ball (and lots of other stuff) came back out of my mouth all over Mummy's nice rug.  I felt very ill and went upstairs and climbed onto the bed.  I must have looked very sad as Puppaw did not even make me get off, but gave me a cuddle.  I did not even want my tea, but then Puppaw mixed in treats and it was ok.

Good news though, I am as right as rain now.

Love and licks,

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