Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cruelty to four legs

help help - little dog needs big dog - to squash two legs

last year when it snowed - i was not made to go out - it was too cold for some one as delicate and as cute as me - this year  - life is over - not only did i have to go out - i was expected to pee and poo outside - do you know how cold it is on you tush when it is snowing outside - it was a nightmare - mummy would not finish the walk until i had performed - but i had no wish to - the walk went on and on and on - i was so cold

please help - its going to snow in DC - mummy says it snows more there - please do something before you get caught in this nightmare too

having said that and apart part from loosing another ball, snow when it is not falling and not -6 degrees (which even mummy says is bleep (that means a naughty word!!!!!) freezing is fun - if makes you sneeze and its fluffy and you get wet and then cuddles in radiator warmed towels - and no baths cos its too cold - and hot gravy on food - and extra food - cos you need it cos you are cold i swung a midnight snack last night !!!!!

now what is this i hear about you being left out of the wedding party - i am not having christmas with my mummy cos she is attending your mummy's and pawpa's wedding and lets face they are only getting married to give you a stable family home - i guess i am never getting one of those - all the advantages of coming from a single parent facility !!! i am sure i can wangle some spoiling from that deprivation - don't worry you have long distant grandparent issues - there bound to be some advantagous spoiling to come from that!!!!! you need to put your foot down you are part of the wedding party and you expect:-
1.  a wedding outfit
2.  wedding presents (toys!!!)
3. to be at the wedding breakfast (extra food - and not the usual dry food you get)
4. constant reassurance that you are still the most important member of the family (or course you are you are the only four legs!!!!)

lots of love and licks


ps my new harnesses arrived - i now have a very attractive zebra print (that fits so no more mats under by front fore legs to go over my pink puffer jacket - which i definately need in this weather -

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