Sunday, November 28, 2010


Dear Poppy,
I barely made it home from my overnight adventure. The two legs took me to a place with soft ground and lots and lots of water.  For some reason, they thought that I was enjoying their throwing my sticks into the water over and over again.  I believe they were trying to throw it into the water where my feet couldn't touch the ground. Can you believe they would do such a thing? I really wanted my sticks and it was really, reallly scarry when my feet didn't touch the bottom for a minute or two. I kept moving my legs fast so I could grab my stick and walk back to the soft ground. It was all very strange. I tried to dig in the ground and I tasted it, but it didn't tast like anything I have ever tried before.  Then the two legs took me back to a nice room where we slept.  They put me in the big white thing that also holds water.  I usually like to stick my head in the big white thing when the two legs are in there getting all wet, but this time they got me all wet and I didn't like it very much.  But then they dried me off with a soft towel and I liked that.  They left a big mess in the room and didn't seem to care. I was in the car for a very long time but I was so happy when I saw my street and I could smell my home. 
How was your weekend?

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