Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visiting Granny and Grandpaw

Dear Poppy,
I had a terrific weekend. My two legs (the girl) was home for four days. It was so nice. I let her think that she is the pack leader and she loved it! Then when she left me in the cage on Monday I showed her how I felt about. She is no longer the pack leader. I am trying out the man two legs to see if he is worthy of the position, but so far I am undecided.
Yesterday, I was bad. Mostly because I was angry about being locked up most of the day. I not only bit my leash, which I know makes both the two legs very, very angry, I peed on the rug, ate a paper towel from the trash, and I kept getting the dish rags of the oven door. That makes the girl two legs very angry. She didn't talk to me all afternoon until the man two legs came home and she told him that it was a good thing he came home because she wanted to kill me. She is such a drama queen.
This morning I went to the dog park, so today, I did not mind being locked up so much, as I slept and slept. I'm still on the fence as to how I will behave when they come home tonight.
I'll get one of the two legs to measure me tonight, but I am growing so fast!.
You are to lucky to have granny and grandpaw. I look forward to playing with them.
I'm so sorry you can't come visit.

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