Thursday, November 18, 2010

Visiting Granny and Grandpaw

Hi Mugsy

You get the visits of Granny and Grandpaw which means spoiling and no discipline - shouldn't be too bad - careful about the dishcloths - they are good to play with - but the two legs will get smart and spray something bad tasting on it - they are very good at spoiling fun -

you tell the two legs - crate good for sleeping in - but there job is to tire you out first - otherwise your job is to be bad to show your displeasure - i try it lots - normally i just get told off - but its worth it - we have to show our place - its ok to be bottom of the pack providing the bosses remember their job is to give us plenty of exercise and running time even in bad weather - we can't be shut away all day we need distractions

and if things are left available - like tissues, kitchen towels and loo paper - as i say regularly to my two legs - what do you expect - there only purpose in life is for shredding - apparently checks are too important for that - but i am not sure - you can still pay them in - even if they are in 5 bits (mine did )


still very sore

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