Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cruelty to four legs

Dear Mugsy

Thanks for your message yesterday - you DO need educating

Hot gravy - its bisto gravy granuals - the salt free variety (apparently salt is bad!!! ) and hot water poured over food and it makes you warm and tingly all the way down to your toes on a cold day - its so great - you have to educate you mummy two legs on that one - you PawPa is a failure !!!!!

Radiator Warm Towels - demand them - if you have to have a bath - or a walk in the rain - radiator warm towells are a REQUIREMENT Aunty Susannah taught my mummy about them  - they come either straight off of a heated radiator OR EVEN BETTER straight from the TUMBLE DRIER

Snow is fluffy frozen water - its not like ice cubes which are great to chase round the kitchen on a hot summers day to cool your tongue down but is solid frozen water - snow is fluffy and flakey and you can play in it and it sticks to your fur and is fun to begin with cos its fluffy and bouncy and you can bury stuff in it and dig stuff out but it does get cold when it turns into cold water and gets through your fur to your skin after a while - but its white and pretty and looks like cotton wool (but it doesn't shred like cotton wool - i tried) - kind of looks like Santa's Beard -which reminds me have your written your Christmas list yet - i have demanded lots of loud squeaky toys

Extra food - doesn't come very often - but on very cold days - remind the two legs that you burn more energy and need more food - and you do this by saying i am so hungry at night time - you get an extra meal - i ve succeeded three times in my life - so good luck

now commands - if they get too much just look at them and say ENOUGH and take to your bed - they will get the hint - mine did - I took to her bed which was even more effective.

BIRTHDAYS - my two legs has hers today - mine is August - when is yours - anyway - i made sure i woke mine up with a bigger kiss than normal today - forgot the card - but i got a present - a great new toy skunk - a russly papery tail and loud squeaky head - and treats for Aunty Mary to give me at work - so life is really good - wonder when Granny and Grandpaw birthdays are - they should both give us presents on their Birthdays - we must remind them.

lots of love and licks


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