Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Inside Rain

Dear Poppy,
So much information to process! I will have to re-read this message several times to be able to process all of these unfamiliar things. Your country sure is different than mine! I am still reeling from my experience this morning. Does it rain inside in London, too? When I woke up this morning water was streaming in all down the wall and onto the floor. It was great fun. I tried to catch it in my mouth, but again, the two legs gave me more commands. Go upstairs, Mugsy, Get out of the way, Mugsy. Why would they tell me to go away when they created such a fun game for me to play? So, so odd! The female two legs told me to forget about the bisto gravey granuals. She says they don't make them in this country and I need to toughen up because I am a big dog, not a delicate toy dog like you. I don't think that's fair. Do you? I thought it was a bit nasty so on our way home from our walk this morning I bit my yellow raincoat and wouldn't go inside. The female two legs told the male two legs to go get his dog. That's what she says when I'm having fun.
Your mum's BIRTHDAY!! That sounds like fun. Give her an extra lick or two from me and from both the two legs. I know they would want your mom to have a super, great day today. I signed a card last week for your mum. I hope she got it.
Just one more thing, I thought towels were for biting. I'm sure they would be yummier warm. I can't wait for that!
Licks to all of you,
Mugsy (A.K.A. Lucy today)

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