Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grumpy Old People

Dear Mugsy

Thanks for the Pawmail

Granny has sent an email (twoleg version of pawmail) to my mummy telling her off for letting me (and your mummy for letting you) use her email address for us to chat - apparently it means she gets missed out - and it means she and Grandpaw feels left out - thats bad - it makes them grumpy - we don't want grumpy old people!!!!!!  - so i have copied your last pawmail below - and i thought that maybe Grandpaw for Christmas would get us both Iphones so that we can stay connected when ever we want - they have paw sized screens and buttons so perfect for us!!!!!

i can't beleive your mummy was trying to make you lie on cold concrete - sounds like maltreatment to me - you need to have a serious talk about colds and risks of pneumonia with her - she can't make you get cold like that all for a silly DOWWWWWWWN command - its not right.

on the clothes front - you mummy is a FAILURE but you just have to talk to Granny - she is like a professional shopper - she got my mummy trained and can do the same for yours no worries - you need an outfit for Christmas (make sure Granny has - your collar size, your waist size (thats the bit round your tummy just behind your forelegs and the length of your body (from the neck to the base of your tail) - she will make sure you are sorted don't you worry - Granny never let us down!!!!!!

i wish mine would let me have a tree inside - the fun we could have over Christmas - you may have my mum but i have Delilah and Elvis and Sasha staying at mine - and Kristina the two legs whose job it is to spoil us - so far we have a Santa claus stocking - a present for each and a christmas outfit - not sure what else - but will keep you informed.  it is my plan to send a pawmail once every day with a picture to keep mummy relaxed during the holidays.  will try to copy you in.

love and licks


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