Friday, December 3, 2010

Inside Rain

Dear Poppy,
Thanks for the instructions. I found a roll of paper towels this morning and practiced the shredding. I made sure to do this very early in the morning after the female two legs took me out for quick pee. Boy did I have to go after being cooped up all night and drinking the water from the hanging bottle. The female two legs looked a little under the weather.  They were both out late last night. I know, because I was stuck in my crate all night instead of out playing with them. I think it was punishment from earlier in the day when I must have done something wrong, but now I have no recollection of it.) Both the two legs were acting a bit strange when they got home. They mentioned something about wine. Do you know what that is?  Back to the paper towels. What fun it was to shred them, and since the two legs went back to sleep I had good fun. Then the man two legs woke up and said that he gets nervous when I'm quiet.  That's when I got caught. But, I think the female two legs was too tired to do much. She just took the fun away, as usual. She put it up high on the dresser. But the joke was on her, because I've grown so much that now I can easily reach up there and grab it. I caught in the act though. I'll have to practice some more.
I still don't know what snow is and the rain inside has stopped. The female two legs says I have a new coat coming from granny. I'll try really hard not to bite it.
I am so happy that it's the weekend and I'll have the two legs at home all day long! I'll tell you all about my adventures on Monday.

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