Monday, December 6, 2010

Inside Rain

Dear Cousin Poppy,
I have the most exciting news! I can see a cat from my home. If I sit at the top of the stairs, or better yet, if I stand on the window sill because the two legs were kind enough to clear everything off of it so that I can pace back and fort on it...although I fell down twice and now I worry that they will put all of the plants back there. The two legs have been super. They moved all of the furniture to one side so now I have the entire living room for just my bed and running space.  There is a big metal contraption, the two legs call it a ladder, in there too.  I think they are waiting for me to climb up it, but they can just keep waiting, because it was scary enough to fall off the window sill.  Anyway! The cat! I can see it all day. It's just walking around in there even when its two legs isn't home! Can you image all that freedom?
My weekend was terrific! I went to the park with my friends Murphy and Spike. Spike gets special treatment because he's small. Do you get special treatment, too? It doesn't seem fair to me. I, too, would like to sit on the man two legs' head, but he has never lifted me up there. Well, as I was saying, I have great fun with Murphy. He is very energetic and barks and barks. I'm not allowed to do that, but it's great fun to watch. He tugs at my cheeks until I think I am going to scream, then he lets go. I went to the park three times! And I slept. It was a great weekend.
I heard the man two legs tell the female that I should be allowed to sit on the bed to watch the funny box with pictures that move, but she said "are you crazy?!" Does that mean that soon I will be able to sit up there with them? I hope so, but I wonder, because I tried it twice and they threw me off like they always do.
Poppy, I can't believe that you don't like the shower! It is the greatest thing ever. When my two legs take a shower I try to join them because I love to catch the falling rain, even though it's a little hotter than the outside rain, which, funnily enough, I don't particularly like. The two legs haven't let me in the shower all the way yet, so I don't smell like flowers. Mostly I smell like dog saliva from all the baths my friends at the park give me. Do you think granny and grandpaw will still love me?
Tomorrow is my puppy school graduation test. Keep you paws crossed for me!
Licks all over,

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