Friday, December 17, 2010

Sick Poppy

Hi Mugsy

hope you are ok, how was the snow - did you get to roll in it - was it still white - has it started melting - we had more snow again today - and they says lots tonight.

i am still miserable - means i have been on mummies lap all day - except when i was on P's lap - when Mummy went out to get Grandpaws Christmas Present (i am too sick to go outside other than for quick pees). 

pills - bad - mummy gives them to me - no treats, i spit them out - and she gives them back - we have a fight and she insists on winning - you would think the sick one should win - but apparently they are good for me - same for the ear drops - they hurt.

Eye drops not bad - except everything goes blurry and i have to blink alot - and the tummy paste which tastes ok - and even better - only getting chicken and rice to eat- no horrid dry food for six days!!!!! - thats  a result.

Mummy says i have to ask you for your Mummys and Puppaws help - what should she get your nephews for Christmas - she is stuck she just doesn't know what they are into - guidance please - by tomorrow as that is her last shopping day !!!!!

Hows the fur coat campaign going - don't think i need one of those - but i wouldn't say no to some more jumpers / fleeces etc - it is snowing here - and settling - think this bug might have to last the weekend - so the cuddles continue.  Mummy says we might go to the Wade-Hunts so that we can look after Tom and Felix who have colds / tonsilitus so Isabel, Georgia and Simon can escape, Tom has been quite ill and in bed for over a week.

am very tired now, paws ache so its back to bed (well mummy's lap for me).

love and licks


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