Friday, December 17, 2010

Sick Poppy

Dear Poppy,
Your medicine regiment sounds horrible. Pills instead of treats? I do feel terrible for you. I love the snow! I like to run in it, eat it, play in it. I just love it. There must be something in it that affects the brain, because mum says it makes me bonkers. But they didn't seem to mind too much. It must be affecting their brains, too. 
I went to the park and played with a lot of other black dogs. I was the only one rolling in it though. It is a bit chilly, so I can't wait for Granny to bring me my coat! Don't worry, Poppy, they have lots of cool puppy clothes here. I am sure that your mum will bring some for you when she goes back home.
Chicken and rice? I don't know what that is, but it sure sounds good. My mum gave me a piece of celery today. I thought it would be good, so I ran off to my bed to savor it, but it was really yucky and I it back on the dining room table for mum to see that I didn't care for it. I have a feeling she knew I wouldn't like it. Isn't that mean? Does your mum do that? Even though your sick, it still sounds like you've got it pretty good over there with your mum and Granny and Grandpaw taking care of you.
I hope they plan to make up for lost time when they finally meet me!

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