Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Dear Poppy,
It seems like everybody is grumpy these days. For example, when I just didn't feel like sleeping anymore at 4:30 this morning and made whiny sounds, just like the ones that I make when I need to go outside, puppaw was GRUMMMPY! He said, "this dog is going to kill me," as he pulled on his clothes to take me outside. But me, I had NO clothes on, and to tell you the truth, 23 degrees, Fahrenheit that is, is toooo chilly to be outside without clothes. I can't wait for granny to get here with some clothes for me. My Abu arrives today from Spain. My mom told me not to hold my breath for any presents. What do you think she meant by that? I am secretly, well, not so secretly as sometimes I drool when I think about it, wishing for a great big leg of JAMON! I do hope that is what Abu is bringing me.
I am not grumpy at all. It must be a two legs problem when it gets a little cold outside. They are so weak. Have you noticed? My mum and puppaw take me out all the same. Mum saw a friend at the park, but he didn't even recognize her because she had so many layers on and her great big Russian hat made out of some furry thing that I would have liked to chase, but now I'm not allowed to touch.
I am so anxious to meet your mum and our granny and grandpaw, even though now I am a little afraid of both of them. I will try to be on my best behavior, if I remember.
Many, many licks to you and your mum.

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