Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

Hi Mugsy

Sorry i have not been written before - but have you been busy - so have i

glad you had a great Christmas - so did i - i was a queen - i missed Mummy and was very jealous you had her - but i ruled the roost - Aunty Kristina treated me like the queen that i am and i ruled over my kingdom - i had 6 friends to stay ( a few more than mummy was expecting) and a few extras to play that Mummy doesn't know about!!!!!) and we had a ball - but everyone else was restricted to one room - and left on their own (well with each other) but i was taken everywhere - even when Kristina went for quiet time with other two legs - and they had to sleep on the floor but i didn't - i got the bed - and they weren't allowed treats or toys - but i was - and no Christmas presents - but my mummy left me lots -

And you gave me some great ones - i have just been having a ball with one - not that i have destroyed any yet - but i am working on it - mind you - you destroyed the giant version of my fav toy in days - and i have had it since i arrived - and it is still in working order - oh Ceasar destroyer of all things - i am so proud that my cousin made a two legs run round chasing a towel - i wouldn;t have thought have that - i celebrate when i get tights - they are fun - but be careful - big trouble when you shred them - but fun - so are socks - and they are hideable  - i have a few ones stashed in the flat and one in Granny's house - she hasn't found it yet - i don't think!!!!

I am just called the Queen - Ruler of All - and Beloved of All - although Mummy seems to have come back with DISCIPLINE on her mind - its your fault - although you seem to be in rebellion which sounds so cool - i feel it coming on - mummy says you have hit the terrible twos and your Puppaw will deal with it - i think you might win - but i am being made to behave and get my own balls - and bring them back - when i am told - and eat dry food (actually i quite like the new stuff - its is for poodles specially and it tastes quite nice) but if i haven't eaten it in 10 minutes it gets removed and i go hungry - thats bad really bad.

have to go now - Mummy says she has too much work to do - so talk at the weekend - lots of love


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