Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Trainer

Dear Mugsy

Help - apparently discipline remains on the agenda - i was bad yesterday - really bad - i was a bit bored at the office - everyone was working - so i screamed - it was fun - for me anyway - they told me to be quiet (the two legs) but it wasn't mummy  - so i ignored them (she does!!!).  Apparently she was in a meeting and was not very happy when she had to come out to deal with me - big trouble!!!!

But it gets worse - i got bored again later and did it again so now on monday - the DOG trainer is coming to the office - he says he can fix me of my SEPARATION ANXIETY in an hour - I don't like the sound of this - do you think its going to hurt - I will let you know - today i am banished from the office - i am not sure it is a punishment i have Grandpaw for the day - so i reckon its fun - but not looking forward to Monday - and Mummy thinks i forgot but Saturday i got the Groomers and i am having my teeth cleaned - so i am not going to have much fun for the next few days - might change my name to

Poor Princess -Picked on by her Horrible Two Legs - i don't like this Discipline stuff - i prefer SPOILED -

hows life with you - do you ( oh CEASAR!!!!!) have any toys left!!!!!

love and licks

Poppy - soon to be INDEPENDENT POPPY

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