Monday, February 14, 2011

I don't like Mondays ....

Oh Poppy,

What an awful day Monday is. After a great weekend with Mummy and Puppaw I was in big trouble today. I just don't understand why. I slept all night and was quiet until Mummy got up. She had taken me for my first run yesterday and I was quite tired out.

So this morning when Mummy left for the gym it was play time. The only problem was Puppaw did not realise it. So I tried playing by myself and Puppaw got so angry and slapped me and put me in my cage. I don't get it, may if I explain how I kept occupied you could help:

1. I ate Mummy's underwear.
2. I tried to eat the rest of Mummy's clothes.
3. I emptied my cage of my bed and most of my toys.
4. I threw my day bed around the bedroom.
5. I aerated Puppaw's plant by digging up the dirt and then tracking it all over the carpets (which the two legs just had professionally cleaned)
6. I tried watching a DVD but when I ate it and its cover it did not play in my head.
7. I tried to help Puppaw clean up (because I knew I had a made mess) by barking at the noisy hoover and eating the brush.
8. I scratched at the doors when Puppaw tried to keep an eye on me.
9. I got into the shower with Puppaw to show him I was sorry.

He was very angry. Do you think he will send me to the pound. I don't think so as he gave me a hug but then he left.

I just don't like Mondays, they are very confusing.

Mummy was much nicer. She took me to the park. I gave her a big valentines present. It was a picture of me and Puppaw with my paw print in red ink (and his finger print), and said I love Mummy. Annoyingly, Puppaw crashed in and claimed credit - but you know it was really my idea.

I love you Poppy, have a great Valentines Day.

Love and licks,


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