Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Valentine

Dear Poppy,
Since I am still in the dog house and worried sick about being taken back to the dog pound, I thought I would preemptively take some actions in my own defense so that anybody reading this post can see what a terrific dog I really am and they can send my two legs letters of support on my behalf. My evidence appears to the right of this letter. It is the beautiful valentine that I made for my mummy...with a little help from puppaw. I think anyone reading this would agree that it is the sweetest, most thoughtful, and most beautiful gift there ever could be. So, in addition to all of my other good qualities, you can add my huge, giving heart to the mix. This morning's behaviour was not characteristic of my temperament (If you are reading this post for the first time, no need to look at previous posts you won't learn anything about my personality...what you read here is all you need to know.) In any event, I will continue...this behaviour was abhorrent. Brought on by some strange beast in my head who was saying..."have fun, go on, have fun, Puppaw is asleep, he doesn't care, the plant needs aerating, the video needs watching, the bed needs chewing, and on and on the voice went. Poppy, I know you hear those voices too. Don't two legs hear those voices? I'm pretty sure I heard Puppaw saying something about a little voice telling him to have that third scotch at Katie's party. Surely he must understand the beast inside of all of us. In any case, I leave the photo here for all to see my goodness.
Licks, your loving, good dog, Mugsy

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