Thursday, February 10, 2011

life is not fair

Dear Poppy

I feel for you.  This is clearly not your responsibility.  This is what you might wish to point out to your mummy:

1.  If she had closed the bedroom door you would not have got to the dining table.
2.  If she had let you sleep on the bed and given you cuddles then you would not have thought about going for a walk
3.  She should not be drinking midweek, how can she expect to be bright and bushy tailed at work the next day.
4.  Had she allowed you snacks, you would not have been peckish.
5.  Had it not been so late, your routine would not have been messed up and you would not have woken up at 1am
6.  If she had not been so lazy and had cleaned up last night then you would not have been put in this horrible position

Really it was her fault and quite unreasonable for you to be blamed. 

I must tell you though, that I no longer need chairs.  I have grown a bit more and just put my paws on the table.  Mummy and Puppaw just shout at me, but it is only time before I get what I want.  He he he he.

I hope you feel better.

Love and licks,

The Mugs

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