Thursday, February 10, 2011


life is not fair

you are CEASAR destroy toys, rips two legs coats, break plates

i do one itty bitty little naughty and get BATTERSEA (Its the london DOG POUND) screamed at me!!!!

all i did was get a bit hungry at night

mummy had a party - it was a very late night, i had taken to my own bed, the cheek of it, they stayed so late, i had to go to my own bed

anyway i woke up at about 1 am and i was a bit peckish, mummy had not cleared the table completely, she had left some very nice smelling dessert on the table, and i worked it out - i got up there - you jump on the chair (not allowed but easy) and then the table is easy (its just like the vets table), but it smells nicer and no nasty prodding, jabbing and pain - and then there is food and more food - it tasted great - but you have to be very careful - some glasses are quite stable, but wine glasses tip and then crash -next thing you know bleary eyed and agry two legs - screaming BATTERSEA

1. tables are not for dogs
2. do not break wine glasses - its like plates - two legs get upset - the mess the mess
3. red wine stains (and i don't like the taste
4. dessert tastes great - but its bad for my tummy - very upset today
5. if you are going onto a table don't get caught

felt too ill this morning to be worried but am being ignored- no sympathy - its not fair



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