Tuesday, February 8, 2011


isn't it great when Mummy's get home

they say they have to go away on business, but i reckon it is just to make sure we remember how important they are and how much we love them

when they get back, they always insist on being the boss, i am always so thrilled, i forget to sullk for at least 3 days and then silly two legs pretends she doesn't understand why i am ignoring her - but the cuddles, snuggles and spoiling that go with the return are FANTASTIC make the most of them, they only last for about 24 hours (48 if it has been a really long trip)

bad luck on the bed, is puppaw in big trouble for letting you sleep there - bet you he was made to change the sheets !!!!!!!!

trying to persuade mummy that we have to buy you a replacement gift - think you would enjoy it - especially if Ceasar is on holiday - have you had any joy finding my mini Koing Wobbler - i live in hope - as you love yours so much - i have to go back to the shop on saturday - apparently the groomer did a good job everywhere but around my eyes which are still hidden by too much hair (its true i can't see out!!!!!!!)



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