Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gone too Far

Dear Poppy,
I understand that you need help with your whole being attacked thing, I do sympathize, but I think I have a more serious problem. I may have gone too far this time. Puppaw took me to the park last night, and I just couldn't get there fast know the feeling. I just had to pick up where I left off in the morning playing with Charlotte, who I love even though she is too short for me, Jasper who is nice an rough, and all the others. Puppaw was slow so I had to show him the way. Just as I had hoped, it was great. It was nice and cold and I ran and ran and the wind was making me crazy. I LOVED it! Then we got home and my brain just wouldn't settle down, and I couldn't even hear what puppaw was saying I just wanted to play, play,, here is the bad part, I lost my head completely, jumped up and took a big bite out of puppaw's puffy coat. I didn't think it would rip, but it did. He was awfully mad and took me straight upstairs with his coat on to show mummy who sewed it right away, but it left a big line of stiches, because mummy doesn't sew very well and puppaw was awfully mad. He mentioned that place again...the dog pound. He told me to remember where I came from, but all I can remember is coming out of my crate this morning. I am awfully worried, again.

As for Tilly, please take her a photo of me and tell her that if she does not leave you alone, I will fly in from America and sit on her. I am huge. My mummy can tell Tilly that when I sit on her it feels like a sack of concrete and she will not be able to move.

What is up with the mean dogs in England? I haven't been attacked since that dirty old man tried to bite me months ago and he hasn't been back to the park since. I wonder if he got sent back to where he came from.

Lickingly, your cousin, who try as she may, is still Ceasar.

P.S. I will look for your Kong treat dispenser this weekend.

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