Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mean four legs at Park


have you sorted your passport out - it seems all dogs called Tilly attack me - today it was a yorkshire terrier - they may be small but they have big teeth - i fought back but it was scary - i took my revenge on the next yorkie i saw Morris who i normally quite like - Mummy told me off - b ut i said what goes around comes around - i get attacked by a grumpy dog i get grumpy

She said its not nice, i said it felt good

i need you to come and squash all dogs called Tilly i can 't deal with this on my own - and Granny anbd Grandpaw need more company than i can give and Aunty S is opening the Creche soon and we need you to check it out as a big dog

Day was good, got taken home and Pushkin, Sasha, Frankie and Dexter came to play - Mummy found it a bit much but there has been enough lying around and it was time she got moving - she looks better but still a bit white and shadowy.

Pushkin behaved attrociously - don't think he is ever going to be allowed back - typical boy - so you can guess - the rest were good, then Mummy did more work while i napped - it was a very tiring holiday - too many people to play with at Aunty S's no time for sleep - its overated anyway

then i nagged and we went for a walk - it was a bit slow but i got South Park so no complaints - a whole hour and now Mummy is napping - first time out in days - i am having a play fest - less hair, more energy - not sure how it works but it does.

Hows the new bed - assume no more chewing - be careful - i reckon you will end up with just an old towel if you aren;t careful two legs suddenly get cheap - just listen out for the words "economy drive" - when you hear it hid ceasar and be very good mugsy (no lucy either)



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