Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Princess Here

Hi Ceasar

well we were going to send you a new toy - but i have become too attached to it = it is as big as me but great for tugging with the two legs - and it sqeaks - on the basis that Ceasar is in town and it would be shredded in thirty seconds of arrival i have taken it permanently.

i have destroyed my first pair of slippers - maybe i am ceasar in training - mummy's favourite pair have a hole in the toe - it has taken nearly two years of effort but i have got there = you see i am following in your foot steps.

on the other hand you are slow = mummy has been ill -= hence the slipper destruction - 4 days of boredome then a day with Granny and Grandpa and they were in boring mode - we went to one of Gradpaw oldest friends and i was bad - it was so boring - everyo9ne ignored me - how dare they!!!!!! then home to mummy - i went straight to my crate - i figured i was going to be sent there anyway - but she was to sick so i could have avoided it

Monday i got sent to Susannah's - yippee - lots of other dogs to play with especially Delilah - hadn't seen her for ages - we played in the park - the boys were kept on leash but we were allowed to run free - me straight into the lake - it looked like fun - but it was a bit cold - and then the GROOMERS - apparently i smelt - gorgous - but you know how weird two legs are - beautiful looking at the end - but smelling like a flower not a dog - but i'm working on it - i like the diy place your puppaw took you too - i just get dumped - but i get treats (gravy biscuits) on demand- so you win some you loose some

night at Susannah's so smelling much better, lots of pals to play with and a late night snack - nice run before back to Mummy's who is still ill - not so bad as am now exhausted and am ready for naps and more slipper destruction



ps am training Granny and Granpaw so you don't get any boring dates like i did on Sunday - they had fun - lots of talking but not four legs playing and cuddling - not good enough

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