Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Super Sad

Dear Poopy

It is awful.  My mummy has disappeared.  Puppaw promises that she is coming back and that she has just gone to Africa for bacon earning.  I am awfully depressed, I am not eating all of my food and am sleeping later.  Yesterday puppaw had terrible trouble getting me to the park.  I was happy when I go there as I played with Charlotte. 

Today was the same so puppaw let me lie in (well lie on) his bed until 7am.  We went for a short walk but that was all.

Puppaw is paying me lots of attention.  I do keep him in check though.  When he showers I destroy any paper I can find.  I am not sure he has realised that it is just to punish him.  Yesterday I destroyed a roll of kitchen towel.  Puppaw was so angry he sent me to my bed.  I think it was because he just picked up all of fluff from the brand new toy I had destroyed and then he had to pick up all of the paper.

He is very silly.  I would have eaten it.

I hope you had a good weekend.  I went out to my boat to check on it.  It looked ok but was covered in snow.  Puppaw would not let me off of the deck though as my life preserver now only reaches half way down my back.  It used to fit perfectly!  He wa actually a bit shocked.  We went with his friend Tom, who introduced him to mummy.  I love Tom as without him I would not have mummy and puppaw.  And he is very tall and plays with me.  It was nice to take a road trip, I stuck my nose out of the window, which was lots of fun.

This week I am doing expeditions with Toni.  They are extra long trips at lunch.  I have been having free expeditions as Toni has been training a new walker but now puppaw has to pay.  I am worth it though.

I will write soon, once I am feeling better.

Love and licks,


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