Monday, January 31, 2011

working dogs and this weekend


well hope you had a good weekend - i did

mummy (silly two legs) went sailing with Grandpaw - and got very cold - good for me - i got to snuggle her to warm her up - that was saturday and sunday night extra snuggles.  Saturday morning and sunday morning - i got to go to Granny's and have extra long lie- ins - and all of Grandpaws space in bed - now whats this i hear - you have succeeded in taking over your mummy's space in bed completely!!!!! - wow i am impressed!!!!! - not sure what you mummy will say when she is back !!!!! - you might not get a present from her - might want to keep you new sleeping place a secret!!!!!

Grandpaw would come back from Sailing and before he even had a bath i got cuddles - so it was a perfect weekend - am now at work (i forgot i do go to work - its not so bad - got it sussed - you go to work - the two legs get stressed and we do what we do at home lie round, snooze, beg for treats, get taken for bathroom breaks, and sleep some more, in my case on the desk if i can get away with it - stop worrying its not so bad -

got to go



by the way - ask you puppaw to buy me a mini KONG Wobbler is a KONG-shaped food-dispensing dog toy and feeder that sitsupright until it is pushed with a dog’s paw or nose. you might like a giant one - but the small one would be great for me - and apparently you can only get them in the states - so please please get me one i played with one today and i LOVED IT

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