Saturday, February 5, 2011

Vini Vidi Vici

Hello Poppy,

Caesar here.  Mugsy is taking a break.  I think I have outdone myself this time.  I have shredded the bed in my crate.  I managed to open the cover and destroy the foam inside.  Puppaw has just found out as he let me sleep on his bed last night as I a reward for feeling so much better and getting over my depression.  Little did he know ... ha ha ha ha!  He is quite angry with me as now he has to buy a new one.

It is his only silly fault really.  I could hear him yesterday on a conference call when he was supposed to have gone.  He tricked me into my crate early and I was really rather angry.  So the bed got it!

Today was very exciting.  I woke up at 6 and made Puppaw take me for a walk.  I then played with him for a while - while he was trying to sleep in.  I then made him take me for another walk at around 7:30pm and a third at 9am.  Finally, he gave up and took me to the park.

It has been raining for almost a day and the park was great.  There were not many other dogs - just three - and lots of mud.  I had a terrific time running through the muddy puddles and digging in the soft dirt.  I was looking at Puppaw's face and he looked quite anxious.

I made a new friend, a German Shepherd named Sam.  His mummy, Megan, said she was taking to take a bath at Fur-Me-Not.  Fur-Me-Not is a great place, you can have a bath and blow dry and groom all done by your Mummy or Puppaw.  Puppaw thought this was a great idea when he saw me.  I was so excited I jumped up and left a big muddy paw print on his jeans.  I was just trying to show my gratitude but Puppaw was very angry.  I am quite worried he may anger issues, whatever those are.  Anyway I had a wonderful bath and was quite well behaved, but not as good as I am at home.

As you probably tell, I am feeling much better.  I think I am over my depression.  I spoke with Mummy on the Dog n Bone (telephone) saw he on the video,  It was great to hear her voice.  Puppaw says she will be home in just a few days and then I will be able to spend lots of quality time with her.  Puppaw actually says I can spend all of my time with Mummy if I wish: morning, noon and night.

My tummy is also much better.  Aunty Paige who lives in my building and is a veterniary nurse gave Puppaw some hints. 

I hope you are having a good weekend.  Granny said you are going to visit her all day tomorrow.  Lucky you.

Love and licks,

Mugsy aka Caesar

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