Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Hi Mugsy

i once ate £5 - mummy grumped for days - also a cheque of Grandpaws for a lot of money and a cheque of Mummy's for nearly £1000 - they weren't happy - but if its on the floor its for chewing - by the way - cheques can still get paid in if they have been poppy chewed - even if they are in 15 peices - we did it

You know your puppaw and my mummy are related as they have the same rules - why should bed-side tables be off bounds - i get told its because its where she keeps her pills -but they smell so good - and if they are in reach---------- so now she keeps them in a drawer - i can reach that too - i try and then i get a tap on the nose - its not fair - that hurts - sniffing doesn't - her or me

i'd keep the warty thing hidden - its the sort of thing a two legs will insist have to be seen by the vet - and that is to be avoided - they believe in causing pain whatever they say - i am due for a visit soon so am sure to be very happy and bouncy, so she who thinks she should be obeyed forgets - today in the park it was great - saw Minty - no one else was in today and we found a great mud hole - we pooddled in it together - little and large.

don't know what you are complaining about - your ears clearly don't get cleaned that often - its a torture i go through nearly every week - along with a shower - and now she has a strawberry smelling perfume she uses - i have no hope - did you get the hair dryer or did they let you dry o natural - i get the dryer - suspect i will get it tonight - but i plan on hiding!!!!!!!!!!!



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