Wednesday, March 16, 2011



This is an emergency - you need to tell your Puppaw that you are needed by your cousin in London now and he is to arrange it - he is rich ( you said he just had pay day!!!) so he can afford it

I was having a fine time in the park this morning playing with my usual pals - when one of them (Mutley!!!!) forgot i was a dog and thought i was one of his cuddly toys - the type that you!! chew to death!!!!

he tried squashing me - he must weigh at least 30 pounds (it was not nice!!!) then he tried to make be squeak - boy did i squeak - i cried and cried and cried and cried and cried - then he threw me around like i was a chew stick(passie i think you call them) - i screamed even louder - so by the way did mummy and his owner too

it wasn't very nice - and i need all my bigger so called "friends" to know i have you as my protector - i tell them all about you but they don't believe me - i need you to show them - COME FOR SHOW AND TELL TODAY ITS URGENT - i am getting scared to go out - mummy says agrophobia would not be cool

from a very sore and sad


also even i admit am now very smelly - it happens when you get treated like a rag doll - hope i don't hurt my toys so much as Mutley hurt me - do you think they have feelings too??

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