Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dear Poppy,
I was horrified to read your message. Puppaw is applying for my passport and will advance me the airfare (I will have to do a lot of plate licking to pay him back, but I would do anything to save my cousin Poppy. Mutley sounds like a wretched mutt. I am sorry you are sore. I personally suspect it was the stawberry perfume. You should tell your mummy that it makes you smell like a sweet treat, not sweet tart, which would mean something different, I am told. I will be there to save you soon. In the meantime, you should show Mutley the photo of Pickles as a warning. I will try to bring him with me when I come. Although I suspect his airfare would quite expensive to cover all 200 lbs of him. We will sit on Mutley and squash him for you. I hope you are feeling better.
I have been having a jolly time faking mummy and puppaw out all night long. First, I make puppaw take me out two, three times a night...depending on how wicked I am feeling. Then I act pathetic and pretend I'm exhausted so they won't put me in my crate at night. They think I will sleep through the night on the floor, but then when I know they are too tired to do anything about it, I jump on the bed and snuggle in. Last night, mummy tried to be tough and she told Puppaw I had to go in the crate. I waited till they were good and tired and at midnight I started to wimper. It worked, of course. Mummy just opened the gate and out I went. Life is good.
I will contact you with my flight details.
Your loving cousin, Mugsy I can get away with anything because I am so cute.

P.S. Please tell Granny my wart is not contageous and I will put it away while she is here. I think she might not come because of it.

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