Friday, March 11, 2011



I was so happy to hear from you - it had been so long i thought that maybe you had eaten the computer. I tried eating Mummy's kindle - it was not well received - big trouble - didn't taste great either - although the leather cover was not bad.

Glad you got a new bed - Granny is standing firm, i thought you might be on the floor for a long time - i must remember that Uncle Mark is a push over!!!!. I arrived at Granny's at 7.15 - and she was very happy to see me - but apparently i am a bit pongy - been playing in the park - so restricted to Poppy cover - its ok - we had a good sleep - Grandpaw also here.

Couches are for Dogs - so hold on to it - but be sneaky - two legs like to think they are winning - mine is really into obedience training - so i can sit, down (which i hate and have to bribed to do) stay and come rollover (of course i can i get a tummy tickle) and beg (treat) oh and at the office guard the stairs (apparently its not a trick that is popular but i enjoy it) - nothing i have not done before but now i pretend to do it because she wants me to - and Granny and Grandpaw are so proud - they never had a dog who could do stuff like that - remember it for april - think of the treats - its very important to make sure Granny knows what treats you like she is generous!!!! Although i didn't eat breakfast in time - so in the bin it went - bit peckish now.

how is your agility training going - not to sure about mine - but i sure sleep well after it.

Busy weekend planned, Saturday is to the Park - hopefully Delilah will not try swimming in the Serpentine again - so i dont have to visit the groomers twice in one day - did i tell you that story - WE went to the park - 6 of us from Creche - Delilalh and me and the boys of course - and we were chasing ducks (possibly swans but apparently the Queen would be made so we say ducks) and Delilah forgot to stop at the edge of the lake - she just kept running - you can't run on water - she just sank!!! - it was scarey - mummy and aunty susannah rescued her - and then i helped by being her hot water bottle then we both had to go to the groomers - it was more fun than usual - we had a bath together and went into the drying cage together. anyway park on saturday and then hair salon - mummy is having her colour done so she doesn't look old and grey (granny says she looks 50 and she doesn't like it) Sunday at Granny's mummy is going knitting what every that is

what are you up to - weather here is warmer



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