Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Yesterday was a banner day, but today is not so great ...

Dear Poppy,

It seems like ages since I last wrote. I wanted to let you know what a great day I had yesterday. Puppaw came home with treats, treats and more treats. He also brought me a new downstairs bed and a toy. I must tell you, my Puppaw is quite clever. Only the head had stuffing (now removed of course), but the body and legs are so far fairly indestructible. It is a tiger, which is a big cat. As I am a big dog it seems only fair.

I think the fact that I would take my snacks and bones upstairs to the bedroom rather than lie on the cold wood floor was the compelling event for a new bed. This one looks like the cushion I had in my crate (before it was eaten). It has been ages since I had somewhere nice to sit downstairs that was my own. I still use the ottoman and have recently starting occupying the corner of the couch. I look super cute with my head on the armrest. Mummy and Puppaw keep making me move but I am holding my ground. I am black, it is black .. a natural connection if you ask me.

Talking of treats. Puppaw got me some beef rawhides, some pork rawhides, three flavours of treat (orange, blueberry and some green ones), special bacon treats (very yummy) and more tiny treats for my giant Kong. (Sorry, still have not found a little giant Kong for you.) Mummy was a bit shocked and worried how much Bacon Puppaw had spent. But he said not to worry as that was what credit cards are for and that I can pay him back by working hard cleaning the plates. Seems like a good deal to me.

It was all very exciting. Puppaw gave me all of my stuff last night after a great walk to the park and back. I slept so well and did not get up until 7am. Well at 6am I got up from my crate and joined Mummy and Puppaw for my daily snuggle, but I did not make them get up until 7am.

So I was rather awake this morning. After breakfast I decided to rest on the ottoman. Puppaw wanted to get me ready for a run with Mummy. Mummy and Puppaw have started making me do one and half mile runs a few times a week and today was my turn to go to with Mummy. I was not so keen as I was feeling quite rested and relaxed. So I had a thought. I thought ... if I don't have a harness how can I go for a run? I decided to eat my harness.

It all rather backfired. No-one noticed. So off I went with Mummy and after just a few minutes the final thread gave way. Did we go home, you ask. Well no. Mummy get going - although to the park rather than a run. It was fun actually.

Hopefully I will get a new harness as my collar can pull on my neck a bit. And I am hoping it does not take weeks like the bed. Really it was Puppaw's fault for harassing me. But you know he does not believe he can ever be wrong so I suspect I will be blamed.

Its a dog's life.

Love and licks,


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