Monday, March 21, 2011


I get up this morning and check Mummy's blackberry before i am off for a chill out day at Granny and Grandpaw and not one but THREE messages from a wart free mugsy

You are so brave - course a four legs removing the wart would be nicer than a two legs and its departure will be the first thing i tell granny - i'll leave the bit about blood out - she's very squeamish -

i can't believe you weigh exactly 10 times what i weigh - you are now officially my protector - i am having a sign made up saying my cousin will squish you on site - if you hurt me (its like Grandpaws sign he sometimes wears when he doesn't like my clothes!!!!!!)

I have just had the best play in the park with Big Poppy ( a lurcher - about 35 pounds) and Molly (a pug - 15 pounds) rolled in some great smelling stuff) after a long walk yesterday with the usual pack - but nothing like you - off to a your own obstacle water park - i shall have to complain - they say i am spoilt!!!!!

hope someine is working from home today - i know you hate mondays - Mummy is off next Monday to some place called Singapore - but i am staying with Granny on 9th April - so you should plan you visit for then - then we would both be staying with Granny - we would have so much fun!!!!!

love and licks


ps - no need to bring food - Mummy has now given Granny a whole bag of my food - it lasts me for 28 days - so you for about 3 days i guess but we have another bag at home - and i would love to share - its specially for poodles - so you might get some curls -

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