Thursday, April 21, 2011


urgent news update - Granny and Grandpaw have Dementia

Mummy explained last night - it is something old people get and it explains why they have been starving me - it was not that they didn't love me - i was worried - i have been so cute - but still no brekkie - and i was really hungry

my worst fears were not realised - they always remembered tea - but on Monday and Wednesday no breakfast - i was really good and really cute - but even when i hid in Grandpaw's polo shirts to keep warm - i got cold from hunger there was no breakfast i could not understand it - and then when mummy picked me up last night - we found out - its an old people problem - they forgot!!!! they were both very sorry - they tried to blame each other -which is what two legs do when they feel bad - mummy gave both of them the "disappointed" look - the one i normally get it was so cool to see it aimed at someone else!!!! and i got Chicken last night so the trauma does not scar me - i can cope with more trauma's like that!!!!

Mummy said i don't need to worry - she will remind them always in the future - but then i thought about you - may be Granny would be responsible for your Breakfast when she was staying - so you needed to be warned!!!!!! Tell your Mummy and Puppaw they have to have Chicken on standby just in case!!



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