Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Ok so i accept that i was bad, very bad yesterday.

The day started of great snuggles with Granny and Grandpaw, walkies with Granny and then nap time with Grandpaw. Then a walk with Grandpaw off lead but i ignored the come command and ran home on my own (accross a road) to Granny - was i in trouble - smacked, ignored - oh boy and more importantly not allowed off leash again.

Eventually i got forgiven, or so i thought - then they went out and left me - it was ok - it was light - but no radio - or TV which would have been nice - but they were gone for hours - nearly 5 hours - it got pitch black and still no light, no TV no Radio - just me in a big noisy house all on my own - I made sure when they got back that my displeasure was known - i might be bad, but scaring me is mean!!!! i'm entitled to company - human, dog, radio or TV!!!!! and light!!!!!

I told Mummy i wasn't going back to Granny and Grandpaw's unless she made them understand - i thought it was important that we got this straight before Granny's visited you in DC - so that we both had a nice time (i am due back tomorrow!!!!) and you have her on Thursday)



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