Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I'm a Hero!!!!!!!!!!!!

I,m a hero - mummy says so

its so cool - i woke up and heard a noise - so i woofed and woofed and woofed - at 2.08 this morning.

Mummy was angry and told me to **** up - but i ignored her and kept woofing at the window.

Finally she looked out and told me what a good girl i was - phoned the police and said come quick!!!! someone is removing a tv from the house opposite us (our neighbours - they are ones Mummy likes are on holiday!!!) - we watched from behind the blinds - and the police came with blue lights flashing - no noise so i wasn't scared and they chased the bad people.

then they came to the door and told me what a good girl i was - i got to give the nice policeman a nose kiss - he said i would make a good police dog if i ever needed a job (I told him i had a job being spoilt and that was enough for me!!!).

mummy was so proud - i got a whole chicken breast as a treat this morning.

Am now very full and very tired



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